Miscellaneous sendings

Two envelopes I sent recently. First one to Gray Wolf, an IUOMA member.

Second one to Jakob Wong, who contacted me on Instagram.

Two contributions from Uwe Klein

I must confess that I am very late in publishing the contributions I received for the paper bag mail art call. I’m also late in answering all of them individually. So please be patient if you sent me something :-)

I have received two nice contributions from Uwe, who is member of the IUOMA.

First a postcard decorated with pieces of a paper bag.

And then a paper bag used as an envelope.

Recycling food packaging into mail art

I recently received from two different contacts pieces of mail art made from food packaging. I think this is a rather cool idea that fits very well with the spirit of my paper bag mail art call. After all, as I already said, this is all about recycling.

The first one if from Iryna who used food packaging to make an envelope that she decorated.

She also sent this very nice travel themed collaged postcard.

And the second one is a postcard from Phillip.

ATC sent to Judy

As an answer to her ATC, I sent this one to Judy Staroscik.

And I sent it in this envelope.

Le temps retrouvé

Christiane Hurel sent me two envelopes made from a bag coming from a French book store located in Amsterdam and called « Le temps retrouvé ».

“Le tremps retrouvé” (Time regained) is the last part of “A la recherche du temps perdu” (In search of lost time), the main work from the French author Marcel Proust.

As you can see Christiane kept the handled of the bags, and they travelled very well!

London calling… and mail art on the go

I recently spent one week of holidays in London. When I left for London, I did it in a hurry and did not bring any material or tools for mail art. But I knew I had to send some things from there, so I had to improvise. It made me think that I should start putting together a travel mail art tool kit, with the strict minimum I need to create mail art while I’m traveling. Something light and easy to bring with me everywhere. Question to my fellow mail artists: Do you carry any tool kit when you travel? What’s inside?

As I said, once in London I had to improvise a bit. I did not even have a pair of scissors. The only think I bought was glue. Anyway, I never have too much glue at home… I found a free city guide with maps on London inside, so I used this as a basis for an envelope.

I added some stickers, as embellishment. I don’t know if all the stickers made it as they were quite puffy. And here is the envelope I sent to Phillip.

I then realized that the packaging of the stickers I had just purchased contained a card with a nice black and white map of London. So I transformed it into a postcard to Micu in Hungary.

I sent some other pieces but forgot to take a picture…

Reveived from Lars Schumacher

A very nice contribution from Lars who used a bag to make paper to create a postcard. A different way of recycling. The images are not very good because the postcard has some dimension and therefore is hard to scan.