Received from Honi Chassin

A colladged postcard from Honi.

A new FIFTY from Philippe Charron

After a summer break Philippe Charron has restarted seding me contributions for my FIFTY mail art call. Here is one made from a magazine page.

September exchange : from Rachael Thomas

I haven't finished my own envelope but I already start receiving some envelopes for the September exchange. The first one is this absolutely fabulous envelope from Rachael. 

Moulin rouge

The atmosphere of the Moulin Rouge recreated for Nicole who loves pigs.

Traditional Japan

Some traditional Japanese icons on an envelope I sent to Nadine Lenain.

Catching up

I have been late in answering to some of my mail art contacts so I decided to catch up a bit. And as it has been a while since last time I used a digital kit to make envelopes, I decided to make a series using the kit “Bricolage 101” from Jen Maddocks design.

First one to Dorin.

Second one to Mustafa.

Third one to Iryna.

Fourth one to Fleur.

And the last one to Hester.