This year we celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Popular Front of 1936 that marked a big step in the strengthening of social rights in France. A lot of newspapers have articles about it. I found one with some nice illustrations reminding the style of this period. I used them to make two envelopes.

Brief encounter

A very cute collaged postcard sent by Nicole Eippers picturing the encounter of two cute frogs.

August exchange, first item received

After a short break the envelope exchanges organized by Jean and Jan are restarting. I’m still working on my own envelopes to send (I did not anticipate the time I would need to complete what I had in mind… but I will tell more later) but I have already started to receive the first envelope, which comes from Jannie Börk. A very nice envelope and a very nice card.

Sent to Eva Albiol

I continue my series about old movies from my youth for this envelope sent to Eva. This time I selected one of my top favorite sci-fi movies of all times : Forbidden planet.

Recycled envelope sent to Guillaume Langou

It seems I am in a recycling mood lately. I’m making envelopes with paper bags and other stuff. And I’m recycling envelopes I got into the mail. This envelope sent to Guillaume for his Aviation call is made with a part of an envelope that the French postal administration used to send me their postage stamps catalogue. More recycling to come in the next weeks/months…

Sent to Raphael'L

An envelope made using some digital collage elements that I got on Mike Deakin website.

Say cheese

I love cheese. And in France we say that we have so many cheeses that you can eat different ones every day for one complete year! I'm not sure this is true. Here is just a small selection on an envelope sent to Phillip.