Sent to Phillip

Two envelopes I recently sent to Phillip, just to show that I did not stop making digital mail art. One with cats, that was really fun to do.

And another one using a map. In fact, since ages I have the idea to make an envelope using a “google map” itinerary to show the way from my place to the place I’m sending the envelope to. I never succeeded getting the right image from Google map (I did not try very hard). So, I made one myself. You will see in a near future that I have re-used this idea for more envelopes.

More paper bag contributions

Contributions to my mail art call (extended to “recycling”) keep coming. Like this sending from Carroll, who used the packaging of a toothpaste. It was not very easy to open, but inside there was a nice vintage postcard.

Also a sending from Iryna. I’m not sure what she really used to make it. A chocolate wrapping?

A sending from a new contributor, Inta.

A cute cow from Thérèse, entirely made from paper bags.

And Christiane keeps sending me very nice contributions like these three (!).

Sent to Nadine Lenain

Nadine likes Japan, so to answer her cute contribution to my paper bag mail art call I made a collage on an envelope made from the rest of another envelope I got from Japan. The collage was made using pieces from a Japanese catalogue.

Eclipse envelope

Phillip sent me a very nice souvenir from the recent eclipse. A nice envelope with a nice postmark.
Phillip included a nice card which is much better in real life than on the scan as the small moons are foiled.

A bunch of paper bags I sent

I recently made a short business trip to London which gave me the opportunity to get some new materials for my paper bag addiction.
First a bag from the company “Prêt” that I transformed into an envelope sent to Jean Wilson. I love elephants so I was happy to get this bag.

Then a bag from Caffé Nero, my favorite coffee shop brand. Too bad they are only present in England. So, I made an envelope for Simon and one for Uwe.

Then a disposable bag from the company Air Transat that I sent to Kerosene.

As I still had one bag from the Drugstore Publicis, I made one envelope for Philippe, to answer his Sun mail art call.
And I used the other side of the bag for an envelope to The Celestial Scribe.

A map of Sydney

While trying to sort out all the mail art I have received in the last months, I realized that I had never scanned one envelope sent by Christiane Hurel and made from a map of my favorite city: Sydney. This envelope reminded me a lot of good memories, thank you Christiane, and sorry to have been so late to blog it.

Oh, Happy days

A late answer sent to Ursu.