Kusmi tea bag received from Philippe Charron

A very nice envelope made by Philippe from a Kusmi tea paper bag.

Sent to Therese Waryn

Another envelope where I intended to use the paper napkin collage technique and where I ended scanning the napkin.... The background is gelli printed.

Received from Norbert Koczorski

A very nice contribution from Norbert to my paper bag mail art call.

A couple of pigs celebrating the new year for Nicole Eippers

This envelope frustrates me. I must confess. The reason is the following. The two pigs come from a paper napkin. My first objective was to collage the pieces of napkin on the envelope that is made from a paper bag. I had seen this technique used many times on YouTube. But all my trials failed. I got wrinkles. The napkin tore. So, I finally gave up and I scanned the napkin, printed the pigs on a sheet of paper and cut them out. If you have good advices/tips to collage a paper napkin I would be happy to hear from you, as this is a technique I really want to try!

New Year wishes from Philippe Charron

Phillippe’s new year wishes had to come in a fantastic envelope…

Sent to Jean Wilson

I'm very into Alice in Wonderland these days... The envelope is made from a paper bag that has been gelli printed.

Sent to Uwe Klein

A collage made on a gelli printed background for Uwe.