Postcard to a stranger

I recently took part to the « Postcard to a stranger » mail art call. The request was to send a postcard containing a self-portrait or any other human face. I created the postcard below. To create it I played with some free tutorials and digital freebies from the site Design Cut. Yes, the guy on the photography is me… It was when I was… well… much younger than now. And yes, at this time I had a mustache! Even though this was not really trendy at this time. But between 17 and 23 I used to have a mustache.

Last envelopes received for January exchange

I'm a bit late to publish the letters I have received for the January exchange. Here are the last two ones.

First from Cathy O'Rear.

Second from Carol Cramer.

Paper bag contribution from Fabienne Lebaron

A nice contribution from Fabienne with lots of recycling...

Paper bag contribution from Christophe Blaise

A contribution from Christophe for my paper bag call. I love the faux stamp with a paper bag on it!

A bunch of envelopes sent

Here is a bunch of envelopebI sent recently.

To Jocelyne for her "hats" call.

To Elena.

To Nicole who loves pigs.

To Shelby.

To Marie for her call on horned beasts.

Reveived from Georgia Grigoriadou

A nive sending from Georgia that I met on Facebook.

More paper bags sent to Micu, Iryna, Lisa, Smash and Eva

I’m trying to catch up in answering to all paper bag contributions I got so far. I’m late but here are a bunch I sent some days/weeks ago.

To answer to her contribution, I sent to Micu an envelope made from a small bag from the Orange Company. Orange is a Mobile Communications Operator. I think I got this bag when I bought my last smartphone.

An envelope sent to Iryna made with a paper bag I got from my pharmacy. The text in French means: Because health does not wait. Using Red Cross stamps seemed appropriate.

When a paper bag is large you can easily make two envelopes from it, using both sides. This is the case with this bag that I got in a newspaper store. The bag had the word “télérama” written on one side, and a big T in black (with a red apostrophe) on the other side. Télérama is a television program newspaper. For this envelop to Lisa I used the side with the big T, playing also with the red part. Another envelope made from the other side will come soon.

Some time ago I shared with you an envelope that I sent to Phillip and that I made with a Nespresso bag. This bag was large so I would use the second side to make another one for Smash. I added some coffee related washi tape to decorate it. I also kept on the back side the name of the artist who has designed the bag.

I work for a big company and the site where I work is rather large with more than 4000 people working there. So, we have several company restaurants where we can have lunch. One of them sells sandwiches and salads that you can take away to eat in your office (or somewhere else). Up to end of last year they used plastic bags but now they had to move to paper bags. There paper bags are square, with the perfect size to make an envelope. They are also made of a rather thick paper. I just added some washi tape to decorate it a bit.