Xmas in March, a new postal misadventure!

Once again I’m very upset by the French post. Phillip sent me a cute Xmas card end of last year, and for any reason it did not reach me and was sent back to him. So Phillip sent it back to me in another envelope and this time I got it.

Here is the first envelope he used. The label from the French post indicates that “despite all the efforts they made (!), they could not distribute this envelope because there is nobody having this name at this address”!!!!! The address is absolutely correct and I live there since, at least, 30 years… I wonder how long they searched before sending it back to Phillip. I mean… how is it possible?

The card that Phillip sent me was very nice. Here is the front. I cannot show you the inside because it is a 3D pop up card, so impossible to scan.

Then Phillip sent it back to me in this black envelope, using the fantastic Oscar de la Rota stamps.

He also used this very nice postcard to tell me the whole story.

The number of letters that do not reach me or that do not reach their destination is increasing over the years. The last year and a half holds the record I think! A very bad trend, which I consider absolutely abnormal when we see the ever-increasing postal rates!

Received from Snappy

Snappy sent me a transparent envelope that contained a tryptic. A collage made in Snappy’s unique style.

Here is the envelope.

Here is the front of the card when folded.

Here is the back.

And click here to see inside (*** warning, contains male nudity ***).

New contribution from Hester Wright

Hester sent me a second contribution to my paper bag mail art call, using bag from a coffee company (I love coffee. I’m not a tea person, I only drink coffee. The paper of the bag is very thin, so Hester stuck it on a piece of cardboard to ensure it is not torn during the transport. As you can see, the paper is so thin that you can see through it.

New contribution from Lisa Preis

A very pretty candy bag! This is what Lisa used to send me a new contribution. I wonder what she did with the candies ?

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

In my old movies series I had forgotten an important movie: Breakfast at Tiffany’s. So I corrected this mistake with an envelope sent to Phillip. This should be the last one of this series (I know, I already said that before…).

Paper bag received from Ursu

Ursu used a grocery bag to send me his contribution to my call. Yes, “fruits are good” as written on the bag!

Paper bag received from Jocelyne Depierre

Jocelyne sent me this nice contribution to my paper bag mail art call, mixing it with my illustrated ABC call. Very colorful, it suits the start of the spring!