FIFTY from Willemien Visser

Willemien sent me this nice contribution for my FIFTY mail art call.

Sent to Nadine Lenain

Nadine likes Japan, so I sent her this envelope.

A tryptic from Philippe Charron

The three next ones in the series from Philippe form a tryptic and represent fifty invitees to my birthday! I let you admire how the stamps are embedded in the design of the envelopes! (click on the picture to see it bigger)

Elephant and Buddha

A friend from Philippines asked me to make an envelope for him picturing an elephant because of its positive meaning in Buddhism. I love elephants as you know so I was quite happy about this request. And I made this envelope.

Number 44 and number 45 from Philippe Charron

Two more contributions from Phillippe for my FIFTY call. Absolutely stunning.

More paper bag exchanges with Phillip Lerche

Exchanging envelopes made from paper bags has become a nice habit between Phillip and I. Here is the last one I got from him, an envelope made from the paper bag of an Italian Food company call Piada
I love how the color of the stamps matches the envelope.

And here is the last one I sent to him, using a bag from the department store Le BHV / Marais.

Phillipe Charron’s series continues

We are slowly reaching the end of the series of 50 sending from Philippe Charron, and believe me, there are some absolute beauties coming. So be prepared! For today I’m sharing number 42 and 43 in the series.

Number 42 pays tribute to Leo Ferré, a famous singer that I love. “C’est extra” is the title of one of his most famous songs.

Number 43 raises the question: what gives 100 cut in half? 50 of course…