Received from Adrienne Mason

A fantastic collage from Adrienne.

Received from Vesna Majer

A very nice envelope sent by Vesna.

Mission Inspiration January 2017 : Hope

A new year begins and here comes a new mission inspiration. For 2017 Mike Deakin has changed a litle bit the format: 8 prompts instead of 10 and a suggestion of colors and words. Here is the January 2017 mission brief.

And here is my page.

Paper bag from Philippe.Charron

I have received my first "formal" contribution to my paper bag mail art call and it comes from Philippe. A grocery bag that advertises the need to eat five vegetables and fruits per day.

Some more fifties

Some more contribution to my FIFTY call.

The first from Marie Fenianos.

The second from Marzia Braglia.

Seny to Fleur Helsingor

Here is an envelope that I sent to Fleur.

A bunch of fifties...

Here are a bunch of contributions I received recently for my FIFTY call.

First one from Diane Bertrand.

Then one from Enerhard Janke.

One from Gingersnaps.

One from Karen Wood.

And still some more to come...