Science-fiction : sent to CariCa.

I'm not completly satisfied by the way this envelope turned out. I wanted to give the feeling that Wolverine had ripped the envelope from the inside. The result is not the one I expected...

Science-fiction: received from Gregory Roose

A contribution from Gregory to my sci-fi mail art call. 

Alice in wonderland

Two collaged envelopes made from paper bags using an "Alice in wonderland" inspiration.

Received from Miche-art Universalis

A nice contribution for my sci-fi call and a mail art call.

Three sci-fi envelopes

Three envelopes I made to answer some of my contributors for the sci-fi call.

Received from C.Petry

A very nice handmade postcard received from C.Petry.

February Mini Mission : Key

The February Mini mission prompt from Mike Deakin was Key:

Here is the envelope I made.