Famous cows: Marguerite

A cover from my friend Philippe picturing a famous cow, Marguerite, from the movie "La vache et le prisonnier" (The cow and I) with Fernandel.

Etegami from Japan

A very nice etegami from Japan from Dosankodebbie picturing both a cow and a frog. It is inspired by the haiku by Kobayashi Issa : a frog squats on the head of a sleeping cow.

Find all her very nice creations at:

The Trojan Cow

The Trojan horse legend revisited by Philippe Charron using a nice cow. ANd yes there are stamps embedded in the design! Look closely!


A nice cover from Philippe Charron about my favorite sport. I like the way Philippe has used the FRanch rugby stamp.

Philatelic puzzle

The philatelic puzzle, expalined by my friend Philippe Charron. Yes, all pieces of the stamp are there ;-)

Eastern Lattice

Photo card from Douglas Galloway.

Mouse and Frog

A nice creation from Michèle Courtois. Her blog is available at: