Received from Laurence Gillot

Very nice mail art received from Laurence Gillot. Check her website :

Received for my "frogs of the world" challenge

Four new covers for my "frogs of the world" challenge: Hong Kong, Isle of Man, Finland and South Korea.

GOTIJ cover from Cheryl Penn

A GOTIJ cover received from Cheryl Penn. Check the GOTIJ group on IUOMA website:

Inside the cover there was a piece of a painting from Cheryl, the text below and the picture of the full painting. 

D like Decadry

A very original sending from Philippe for my call illustarted ABC. D like Decadry... Using a personalized designed by Philippe himself.

Received from Australia

A set of covers I sent to myself during my last trip to Sydney and Melbourne. To bad that some of them did not get cancelled. It seems the Australian Post does not like when the stamp is not at the right position ;-)

D like Dragon (bis)

Another cover from Philippe Charron illustrating the letter D like Dragon. for my call illustrated ABC.

D like Dragon

A very nice cover from Philippe CHarron for my call "illustarted ABC". Here the letter D, like dragon.

Received from Ghislaine Vitry

A nice card received from Ghislaine Vitry. Here is her blog:

Received from Jean François Vigeon

A nice cover from Jean Fançois Vigeon. Check his blog:

Here are the mailart calls from Jean François:

Jean-François  VIGEON  1 Allée de la  Choisière  17620   ECHILLAIS    -   FRANCE

No jury, no return, no sale. A4 maximum. Technical and support  free (envelope or not, volume, paper, cardboard, wood etc ...). Receiver and stamp on the exposed face. Deadline: May 31, 2012 before my second show scheduled for June 2012 in Echillais then in Rochefort-sur-Mer.
The list of works will be sent to each participant by mail or Mail-Art (INCLUDE in your send YOUR E-MAIL please) .
Photographs of works will be on the blog: 

Call 1: WATER worldwide in liquid, solid or gaseous. It is: Source of life (or death when it is polluted) and source of inequality. It is purifying ritual, original, precious but not inexhaustible: we must preserve it ... and post it now!
Call 2: Animal or vegetable (or both, it depends!) The fauna and flora (real or imagined) are welcome in our Postal Ark (of Noah)
Call 3: A Votre bon coeur Messieurs Dames! Who rubs it gets stuck! Draw, paint or paste-matter there must be a heart in your shipment. To you to put your own or just when your soul!
Call 4: Taste and Travel (distant relatives or ...). Dream destination or destinations of dreams, mail art elsewhere. Share with us your meals experiences , traveling (whether in the bakery next door or across the end of the world) and for once odors can mix the colors of your creations postcards. Yum-yum !
Call 5: Freedom-Peace: two strong messages to post today!
Call 6: Means of transport. On foot, horseback, car or even faster ... all at the speed of a letter mailed.
Call 7: Fire first of all but also his friends : Metal, Water, Wood and Earth ( The five elements ).
THANKS to all those who are willing to respond to these calls !!!!!!!
THANKS also to talk about you. See you soon!
Call 8 : Santa Claus and his friends ( Mother Christmas, goblins, elves, toys, reindeers....... ) for an exhibition planed in december 2012 at Echillais's Post Office. I hope that everybody from 1 to 100 years old will enjoy it!

Call 9 : A Book, some Books, a Writing, some Writings...different ways, all this in writing or in pictures or both as you like ( drawings, stamps, collages, calligraphy... ). Deadline : 31/12/2012.