Received from Jean François Vigeon

A nice cover from Jean Fançois Vigeon. Check his blog:

Here are the mailart calls from Jean François:

Jean-François  VIGEON  1 Allée de la  Choisière  17620   ECHILLAIS    -   FRANCE

No jury, no return, no sale. A4 maximum. Technical and support  free (envelope or not, volume, paper, cardboard, wood etc ...). Receiver and stamp on the exposed face. Deadline: May 31, 2012 before my second show scheduled for June 2012 in Echillais then in Rochefort-sur-Mer.
The list of works will be sent to each participant by mail or Mail-Art (INCLUDE in your send YOUR E-MAIL please) .
Photographs of works will be on the blog: 

Call 1: WATER worldwide in liquid, solid or gaseous. It is: Source of life (or death when it is polluted) and source of inequality. It is purifying ritual, original, precious but not inexhaustible: we must preserve it ... and post it now!
Call 2: Animal or vegetable (or both, it depends!) The fauna and flora (real or imagined) are welcome in our Postal Ark (of Noah)
Call 3: A Votre bon coeur Messieurs Dames! Who rubs it gets stuck! Draw, paint or paste-matter there must be a heart in your shipment. To you to put your own or just when your soul!
Call 4: Taste and Travel (distant relatives or ...). Dream destination or destinations of dreams, mail art elsewhere. Share with us your meals experiences , traveling (whether in the bakery next door or across the end of the world) and for once odors can mix the colors of your creations postcards. Yum-yum !
Call 5: Freedom-Peace: two strong messages to post today!
Call 6: Means of transport. On foot, horseback, car or even faster ... all at the speed of a letter mailed.
Call 7: Fire first of all but also his friends : Metal, Water, Wood and Earth ( The five elements ).
THANKS to all those who are willing to respond to these calls !!!!!!!
THANKS also to talk about you. See you soon!
Call 8 : Santa Claus and his friends ( Mother Christmas, goblins, elves, toys, reindeers....... ) for an exhibition planed in december 2012 at Echillais's Post Office. I hope that everybody from 1 to 100 years old will enjoy it!

Call 9 : A Book, some Books, a Writing, some Writings...different ways, all this in writing or in pictures or both as you like ( drawings, stamps, collages, calligraphy... ). Deadline : 31/12/2012.

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