Received from Sandra

A very nice "do not disturb" label decorated with a frog from Sandra.

Received from Armael Gallot

Very nice cover received from Armael!

Sent to Dragan Jukic

Sent to Dragan Jukic for his call on Today and Tomrrow.

Sent to Oracle project

Sent to Oracle project.

Sent to Ramon Cruces

Sent to Ramon Cruces for his call on Eyes.

Sent to Germaine Robichaud

Sent to Germaine Robichaud for her call on Gilbert Bécaud.

Sent to Raymond Furlotte

Sent to Raymond Furlotte for his call on Jean Paul Gaultier

Sent to René Goscinny school

Sent to René Goscinny school for a call about red aliments.

Sent to Barbara

Cover sent to Barbara for a call on gardens' dwarf.

Received from Ray Gorbella School (Adam and Emmanuel)

Thank you Emmanuel and Adam for this very nice sending. Merci Adam et Emmanuel

Personnalized stamps from Philippe Charron

A different way to do mail art is also to use the possibility to personnalize stamps as the ones sent to me by Philippe Charron.