Received from Lutin

Thank you Lutin.

Received from BMA

Another nice sending from BMA: the metamorphosis of a frog. Check their blog at :

Received from Armael Gallot

Received from BMA

Thank you for this very nice surprise. Check BMA's blog at :
They have a call on witches and a call on villages.

Sci-fi for Maho


Cats for Marie Noëlle

Leaves for Nanou Pradel

Blue for Nadine

Some blue for Nadine's call. Check her blog at :

Bears for Zarou

Zarou has a call on bears and a call on green. Check her blog at :

Sendings of the day

Sent to Jean Hughes for his call on Eric Satie.

Sent to Stefano Sbietti.

Sent to Marie Vailhe.

Received from E ambassador of Utopia

Check E's blog :

Various sendings

Sent to Heebeejeebeeland.Probably my most elaborated mail art so far.

Sent to JNP for his TSVP call.

Sent to Eulalie Ego.

Sent to Corinne Parchantour.

Sent to Zarou for her Green call.

Received from Elephant Gris

Very nice card received from Elephant Gris (Michèle Ruffin).
Check her site :

Received from Zarou

Very nice card from Zarou (Françoise Chambier). Check her blog at :

Received from Nadine Lenain

The letter A illustrated by Nadine Lenain. Check her blog at :

Received from Amical Laïque Saint Brevin

The catalog of the exhibition made by the Amicale Laïque de Saint Brevin.

Click here to see my participation.