Frogs for Sissy Wallaby

Sent to Michele Courtois

For her call on rugby. Check Michele's blog at :

Sent to Annie Garrido

For her call on colors. Check her blog at :

Sent to Clotilde Bertani

For her call on buttons. Check her blog at :

Bamboo mail art

Sent to bamboo mail art project :

Sent to BMA

Check the blog of the BMA at :

In my garden...

Sent to Chatelaudren public school for their call "in my garden".

Self portrait

Sent to Christophe Masse for his call on self-portrait.

My ideal holidays

Sent to Isabelle Vannobel for her call on ideal holidays.

Sent to Philippe Charron

Dragonflies for Fred Hemery

Check Fred's blog at :

Sent to Corinne Parchantour

For her call " in the back of my garden".

Cats for Marie Noelle Janssoone

Received from Valentine Mark Herman

Check Valentine's website at :

Received from Stefano Sbietti

Stefano sent me the documentation of his call on artistamps.

Received from Raphael L

Received from Nadine Lenain

Sent to Sandra

For her call on four seasons.

Sent to MAHO

Sent to Ursu

Sent to Micu

Micu is a big fan of the litle prince. 

Sent to the Borron family

This is my contribution to the "mail a smile" project; Details are available at :

Sent to Philippe Charron

Received from Thérèse Waryn

You cah check Thérèse's blog at :

Received from Isabelle Serandon

Received from Nanou Pradel

Received from Ouari Khemissi

Received from Ahmet Demir

Received from Catherine Kapinga

A very nice star with a frog from Catherine Kapinga. She has a mail art call on UFO. You can check her blog at :