Sent to Isabelle Serandon

Sent to Natercia Tomé

For her call on GREEN.

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For her call on Owls.

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Sent to Nadine Lenain

Nadine has a call on BLUE.

Sent to Chantal Casamayor de Planta

My submission for the Challenge #2 of mail a smile project

The subject was : a cup of coffee or tea.

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Sent to CLAE Littre

For their calls on enchanted gardens and bubbles.

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For their call on animal heroes.

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Received from Michèle Courtois

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Maps sent to Emile Gros

Fishes sent to Jean François Vigeon


Sent to Philippe Charron

Funny cows sent to Therese Waryn

Pigs sent to Nicole Eippers

Rose sent to Marie Fenianos

Green cards swap

My participation to the green cards swap from the MailMeSomeArt website. Below the enveloppe I used to send the card.

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Received from Sissi Wallaby

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