Last sendings of June

Here are my last sendings for the onth of June. First some blue for Nadine for her calls on blue and japan.

I used "This little piggy" song on the cover sent to Nicole for her call on pigs.

Paris, is the call of Michèle

Marie likes Japan, so here it is for her.

Red and Black, for Alain's call.

Monique has a call on Eiffel tower.

Sent to Snappy in Canada.

Sent to Philippe Charron.

Sent to Raphael'L.

And finally to Ghislaine. She has a call on paper bag for fruits, vegs or bread. 

Received from Virgo

Virgo sent me a cover that did not reach me and was sent back! So Virgo sent it once again to me using another envelop. Here is the complete set I received.I'm glad it finally reached me!

Received from Liberty

Liberty's blog is at :

Received from France Picy

Three colors envelop swap

I participated to a mail art though Swap-bot and the challenge was to send envelops made with three colors chosen by your contacts. On my side I chose "red, yellow, black" and I got this very nice cover from Milda from Spain.

I also chose Green, Yellow, Blue and got this cover from Mandy from USA.

On my side I got two very similar groups of colors: Plum, Teal, Grey and Purple, Turquoise, Silver. Here are hecovers I sent.

Mail Me Some Art Red Card swap : received from Peggy Linn

Here is the second card I received in the scope of the red cards swap of the Mail Me Some Art project.

Orange card swap on Mail Me Some Art

Here are the cards I sent to the Orange cards swap from Mail Me Some Art website.

Rainbow postcard

Here is my first participation to a swap on The request was to send a rainbow postcard.

Sent to E - Ambassadeur d'Utopia

Sent to Eva Albiol

Sent to Ursu

Sent to Rosa Gravino

Sent to Caroline Snels for her call on Mandala

Sent to Micu for her call on Little Prince

Sent to Nathalie Laniesse for her call on Normandie

Sent to Alain Cotten

Envelop sent to Alain Cotten to send my participation to the number 7 of Zinzoline.

The request was to send a creation measuring 7cm on 7 cm. Here is what I sent.

Received from Isabelle Serandon

Received from Nadine Lenain

Check Nadine's blog at :

Received from Mailannie

Check Mailannie's blog at :

Received from Corinne Megasson