Sent to Jose Luis Hernandez Galan

For his call on Blue post cards (

Received from Honi Chassin

Received from Zavarof

Post card received from Zavarof:

Received from Muriel Provost

Received from Jose Luis Hernandez Galan

Check Jose Luis's blog at :

Received from Jose Luis Hernandez Galan

Check Jose Luis's blog at :

Received from Eduard Egorov

Check Eduard's site and his mail art call:

Sent to Karen Isaacson

A cover sent to Karen (from Mail Me Some Art project) to send her my participation to the new swaps (pictures to come when swap is over).

Sent to David Solomon

I started a new series about science-fiction. I love sci-fi and I decided to illustrate my favorite old sci-fi movies. Forbidden planet is the first one and I decided to send it to David Solomon. I'm a regular reader of his blog and wanted to send him something.

I'm using black & white because this is the way I saw the movies on TV for the first time, even though the movies were in color!

Post card received from Chiroux library (Belgium)

Here is a card I received from teh Chiroux library in Belgium to thank me for my participation to their mail art call.

Mail Me Some Art : fish cards

One of the last swaps on Mail Me Some Art was about fishes. I sent the three following post cards:

And I received this one from Laurie M

This one from Honi Chassin

Fish behind bars

And this one from Currie

Dogs mail art swap

I have participated to a mail art swap on swap-bot where the theme was dogs. Here is the cover I sent.

And here is the cover I got from Cynthia Lira. A very nice way to integrate the dog in the cover!

Mail a Smaile project : Summer Holidays

Here is my sending for the challenge #7 of Mail A Smile. The subject is Summer Holidays.

Sent in August (I)

Sent to Eduard Egorov in Russia.

Sent to Mariana Serban 

Sent to Jan Theuninck

Sent to Nanou Pradel

Sent to Corinne Mejasson

Sent to France Picy

Sent to Nanou Camut

Received from Philippe Charron

Received from Maho

Received from Marie Fenianos

Received from Monique Barthez

Received from Phoenix Peacock

100 hearts swap on swap-bot

The subject of the swap was "hearts". Here is the nice envelope I have received.

And the one I sent