Mail Me Some Art : Currie's collage swap

One of the recent challenge from the Mail Me Some Art project was to make a post card using parts of three collage sheets made by Currie, one of the member. Here is what I sent:

And here is what I received 

Orange post cards swap on swap-bot

Here are two Orange post cards that I sent for a swap on swap-bot:

And here are the two wonderful ones I received from Mandy Fariello and Rhonda H.

Mail art swap on swap-bot

Here is a cover I sent for a recent mail art swap on swap-bot:

And the one I received from Lucy Hough:

Received from Marie Fenianos

Received from Nadine Lenain

You can check Nadine's blog at :

Sent to Heebee Jeebeeland

Fourth one in my series, STAR TREK, sent to Heebee Jeebeeland.

Sent to Nicole Eippers

How to draw a pig in five steps, for Nicole.

Sent to Philippe Charron

Third one in my series about sci-fi movies from my youth, I selected The Invaders, not a movie but a TV series, for Philippe Charron.

Sent to Nadine Lenain and Chantal Casamayor de Planta

The same flower sent in two versions. One blue for Nadine and a more colorful one for Chantal.

Sent to Eni Ilis

Sent to Pauline Cainne

For her call about India.

Sent to Muriel Provost

The peas are green... The joke does not work in English...

Sent to Sophie Chapelle

Sophie has a call about dogs.

Sent to Corinne Parchantour

Corinne has a call about Summer suns.

Sent to Françoise Chambier

Françoise has a mail art call about green.

Sent to the Franklin Arts Center Resident Artists Gallery. Check here their mail art call.

Received from Tofu

Received from Tofu who nicely proposed me his help for the "frogs of the world challenge".

Received from Philippe Charron

Received from Kerosene

Received from Kerosne.

Mail me some art :purple cards swap

For the "purple cards swap" of Mail Me Some Art I sent the following card:

And I received the following one from Ellen:

September scavenger swap

The challenge of teh September scavenger swap of swap-bot was to sent a postcard picturing:
- boots
- cactus
- an animal starting with a C
- a triangle
- something red

Here is what I sent.

And what I got.

It's my birthday swap on swap-bot

Here is the cover I sent

And the one I got

Happy mail art swap on swap bot

I participated to the "happy mail art swap" on swap-bot. Here is the cover I sent.

And the cover I received (I like the wahsi tape used on the cover...)

Sent to Aline Ximenes Corazza

Sent to Bree Ong

Mail a smile challenge #8 : the 80s

Here is my participation of challenge #8 for the Mail a smile project. The subject is the 80s. I have chosen PACMAN, the famous vide game that was created at the beginning of the 80s...

Recevived from Colette Geffroy

A nice letter to announce me her new address. 

Three new covers for my frogs of the world challenge

Three new covers for my "frogs of the world challenge": from Belgium (thank you Nicole), from Brazil (thank you Ana) and from Russia (thank you Eduard).

Sent to Micu

Sent to Micu (from Mail a Smile project).She loves the little prince.

Sent to Virgo

Sent to Stephane Le Pessot

Stéphane has a call about paper. This envelope made of gift wrapping paper contains another envelope made of different paper that contains another one... and again...

Sent to Philippe Charron

Sent to Maho

I continue my series about my favorite sci-fi movies and series. Here is a cover I sent to Maho who has a call on sci-fi. The movie is one of my favorites: The day the earth stood still.