Sent to Nadine Lenain

For this cover I reused a cover from a magazine designed by Alphonse Mucha.

Fall ATC swap

Here are the ATC I sent:

And the ones I got from Eleanor Oster et Bouwiena Edink

Vintage ATC swap

Here is the ATC I sent.

And the one I got from Linda Spray.

Dogs ATC swap

I sent this ATC.

And I got this one from Shellie Lewis

Birds ATC swap

I sent this ATC.

And received this cute one from Mary Tettelbach

Received from Ursu

Received from Lutin De Andres

Received from Vanessa Deu

Received from MIchèle Ruffin

Received from Philippe Charron

Received from Emilie Gros

Emilie's blog is at :

Received from Eva Albiol

Received from Chantal Casamayor

Recycled mail art received from Colette Geffroy

Day of the deads (cont'd)

Also I participated to an ATC swap on swap-bot. The idea was to create a skull shapped ATC. Here is what I sent.

And what I got.

The day of the deads

The day of the deas has recently been a popular subject for mail-art swap on both swap-bot and Mail Me Some Art. I sent the following postcards:

And I received these cards:

A mail art in a sleeve

For this swap on swap-bot, the challenge was to send a mail art in a sleeve, with moving pieces to look like a snow globe. I sent this cover:

And I received this one from Kristy Rogers.

A day at the zoo

On swap-bot, I participated to a swap with the subject "A day at the zoo". The challenge was to decrate both sides of an envlope using only animals. Mainly animals you can see in a zoo. I sent this envelope

And the one I received from Tammy Lever.

Christmas ATC swap

For a Christmas ATC swap I sent the following 

And the one I received.

Butterfly ATC swap

I love butterflies. I created the following ATC for a swap on swap-bot.

And I received the following one.

Receiver's choice mail art swap

The idea was to send a mail art illustrating a topic chosen by the receiver. In the list of five subjects chosen by my partner I have chose Octopus!

And in my list my other partner selected frogs and cows !