Received from Michelle Martinelli

A very nice card received from Michelle Martinelli.

Received from Nanou Camut

Foru very nice ATC for my call on poppies.

Received from Nanou Camut

A very nice postcard for my call on Golden ratio

Received from Micu

Micu, one of the hosts of the Mail A Smile project sent me this nice cow postcard.

Received from Honi Chassin

A nice funy card from Honi.

Received from Karen Isaacson

Karen, the host of Mail Me Some Art, sent me this nice postcard.

I also show you the reverse as it contains some very nice faux postage stamps.

Mail a smile challenge : By the ocean

The last challenge on Mail A Smile was "By the beach, by the ocean". I decided to send a postcard with jellyfishes because I find them very beautiful.

Received from Philippe Charron

A new contribution for my mail art call on Golden ratio.

New frog covers received from the Mohawk reserve

Kayenderes proposed me to help me for my Frogs of the world challenge and sent me two covers from the Mohawk reserve where she lives. If you follow my challenge you will see that there is a difference between these two covers and the others I already received: under the flag I did not write anything (normally I write "frog" in the official language of the area). But Kayenderes explained me that Mohawks have only an oral tradition and do not have a written language. She told me that the best transcription of frog in her language would be : otskwahrhe. But to respect the oral tradition aspect I decided not to write anything.

Sent to Dimitra Papatheodorou

Dimitra has  a mail art call : "color my world". See the details here. I sent her this card.

Received from Corrine Mejasson

A nice envelope for my call on poppies:

New mail art call received from Eva Albiol

Eva sent me her new mail art call in a very nice Chinese red envelope:

Seven 7x7 received from Alain Cotten

In answer to my 7 flowers (click here to see them) Alain sent me seven 7x7:

La partition des données

Vers un avenir meilleur ?

15 minutes avant le Big Bang

Des bacilles dans lesmacrophages

Setosa versicolor

Les rayons cosmiques

Le salon du livre

Received from Alain Cotten

A nice envelope sent by Alain Cotten for my call on Golden Ratio.

Here are the on going mail art calls from Alain

Sent to Kerosene

Kerosene has a mail art call on millipeds. Here is the envelope I sent to her.

Sent to Nadine Lenain

Envelope sent to Nadine Lenain for her call on "blue". 

Received from Elaine F Marconi

In answer to my participation to her call (see the card I sent) Elaine sent me back the following card.

Map envelopes sent by Philippe Charron

Philippe sent me several nice envelopes using map design.

Received from Cara Giusti

Cara runs a very interesting mail art project called "The anthropomorphic mailart project". You can see the details on her blog ( The idea is that she sends you a rubber stampped image of the head of an animal and you send her back a postcard integrating this head in a mail art. I contacted her and she sent me back the following envelope and items, together with two stamped animal heads. I will show you soon what I did using one of them.

Received from Marie Vaihle

A nice cover and four very nice ATC received from Marie Vaihle for my call on poppies.

Water and/or sea critters ATC swap on swap-bot

This series of ATC swap continues on swap-bot and the most recent ones were about dolphin, pinguins, seals, polaer bears, seagulls and pelicans. Here are the ATC I sent.

And the ones I got