Sent to Jose luis Hernandez Galan

Mail art competition: butterflies

Here is my first participation to a mail art competition. The subject was butterflies.

Sent to Roland Halbritter

Sent to Roland Halbritter for his call "Malerwinkelhaus": 

Rainbow envelope

I answered to a call on "rainbow" with this envelope.

Mail a smile : your favorite animal

The last challenge on Mail A Smile was "your favorite animal". As I love cats, I sent this envelope.

Sent to Nadine Lenain for a call on Japan

Sent to Chrystobal for a call on Cheetah

Sent to Miche-Art Universalis for a call on Hokusai

Received from Phillip Lerche

In answer to my "disposal bag", Phillip sent me this interesting piece of mail. This is a "Rest Area Highway Customer Comments" card. I love the idea of sending through the postal service items that are not really made initially for that. Thank you Phillip for this very nice sending!

Country or State ATC swap

The idea of this swap on swap-bot was to create an ATC illustrating the country (or the state) where we live.
Here is mine, for France, of course.

And the one I got from Patricia from Florida (the ATC is much much better in reality than on the scan).

Mugshots ATC swap

I was intrigued by an ATC swap on swap-bot. The subject was "vintage mugshots"... I created this ATC.

And I received this one from Carol Jones.

Coloring fun card swap

The idea of this swap on swap-bot was to create a card using a coloring sheet (or part of it, or several sheets). I created this card that I had a lot of fun coloring.

And I got this very nice one from Jessica.

Alphabet ATC swap - letters Q and R

I'm still active on this swap from swap-bot about ATC illustrating alphabet. We are at Q and R. Here are the ATC I sent (Q for Quail and R for Rhinoceros).

And I received these ones from Shelley Langelaar (Q for Quail, also, and R for Relax).

Received from Pier Roberto Bassi

Some very nice stamps received from Pier as a documentation on his project "from 0 to infinity" and another call for a new project.

Received from Philippe Charron

Another nice sending from Philippe.

Hollywood stars ATC swap

On swap-bot I participated to a swap of ATC illustrating two Hollywood starts: Lana Turner and Jayne Mansfield.

Here is my ATC for both of them.

And I received these ones from Donetta Farrington and Marjorie Grace Sayers.

MMSA: Favorite city

Another swap on Mail Me Some Art was about our favorite city. Of course I had no other choice than to illustrate Paris. I made my very first card that was not digitally produced!

And I received this one from Kathy J.

MMSA: Collage sheet challenge

One of the recent challenge on Mail Me Some Art was to create cards using pieces from collage sheets prepared by one of the member (Honi). I love this sort of challenge and I'm always surprised by the variety of results we get from all members.

Here are the four collage sheets that were proposed for the challenge.

Here is the cards I sent.

And the cards I received from Alyssa Navapanich and Karen Young.

I also send this card as an extra to Karen, the host of Mail Me Some Art. I used one unique piece of the sheet number 3 that I digitally processed and copied to get this result.

Received from Dimitra Papatheodorou

Dimitra sent me back this nice card in answer to my participation to her call "color my world".

Aqua PC swaps

The objective of this swap on swap-bot was to exchange handmade cards that were mainly AQUA. Here is the card I sent.

And I received these ones from Angela Gue and Linda Ballou.

Received from Kerosene

Nice sending from Kerosene for the documentation on her call "many little steps".

Received from Jill Stoll

Another nice collage received from Jill Stoll from Artisanal Postcards

Typewriter Ribbon Stripes, 2:1

Sent to Eric Bensidon

In answer to his invitation (see here) I sent this card to Eric Bensidon, with my signature frogs!

Received from Eduard Egorov

Eduard sent me this very nice envelope and card for my call on Poppies. Eduard has a mail art call on "windows to the world".