Received from Philippe Ray Orabuena

Philippe is an artist that I follow on Instagram. I love his work. He likes drawing skulls and skeletons as you will see. I sent him a postcard I made and in return he sent me this cover and these stickers. I love them.

Light blue potscard swap

In this swap hosted on swap-bot, the idea was to exchange mail art (postcards) being mainly light blue. You could use other colors, but the main one had to be light blue. I sent these two postcards following re-using my rubber stamps images. I think the background misses a bit of texture... but too late.

And I received this beauty from Angela Darling

And this beauty from Johny Malher. I love it because it pictures the Pet Shop Boys (my favorite pop band) and the robot of Forbidden Plannet (my favorit sci-fi movie). 

Received from Snappy

A nice sending from Snappy in his usual style that I really like.

Received from Jean Wilson

I am a regular reader of Jean's blog ( where she shows very nice envelopes. On her blog she announced an envelope swap and I participated to it. The rule of the swap was simple: no theme, you just say how many envelopes you are ready to send, then you get as many contact names and addresses. Jean was part of the people I had to sent to. I can not show you the envelope I sent as I did not scan it before sending. You can see it on Jean's blog here. In return Jean sent me this extremely nice envelope. I love the way the address uses the whole space of the envelope as on mine, except that Jean did it by hand which is for sure more challenging than doing it on computer as I did.

Digital postcard swap

On swap-bot I belong to a group that is focused on digital mail art, i.e. mail art that contains at least one part digitally created. This is great because I sometimes have issues with some people who receive my sendings: they often consider that digital art is not really art. They think that a digital collage is not as difficult as a real collage. For me they are different ways of doing art, and all of them should be respetced. Anyway, at least in this group I have no issue.

Inside the group a swap about postcards digitally created has taken place and of course I wanted to be part of it.

Before sharing the postcard I sent, I would like to add some words. I recently discovered the art of rubber stamping and I immediatly got hooked. I'm still in the learning phase, but I watch a lot of video on Youtube showing artists producing mail art (or scrapbook) with rubber stamps. I took inspiration in one of them to create my postcard. As I never do things like the others, I used rubber stamps that I stampped on a paper and that I scanned to include them in my design. Here is the result.

I'm quite satisfied of the background that I created from a picture I took and that I distorted a lot in photoshop.

In return I received three cards from Laurie Handsen.

Received from Philippe Charron

Phillipe sent me this very nice cover to celebrate the start of the fall. Look at this beauty. As usual with Philippe, the stamp is integrated in the design in a fantatic way...

Received from Nadine Lenain

Nadine continues her alphabet with the letter O.

Sent to Christophe Blaise

Christophe has a very suprising mail art call about TEETH. I must admit that I spent some time finding the inspiration to answer this call... And then I sent him the following postcard that I realized with two different pictures that I mixed. I wanted to add some positive words and thought this quote was appropriate.

Received from Isabelle Obriot

A nice enveloppe received from Isabelle for my call on Poppies.

Vintage Elephant ATC swap

I participated to an ATC swap on swap-bot of ATC with a vintage look picturing at least one elephant . Here is the ATC I sent:

And the one I received from Marjorie Grace Sayers:

Received from Jill Stoll

A nice card from Jill Stoll from Artisanal Postcards.

Received from Alain Cotten

A nice collage received from Alain Cotten for my call about Poppies.