Digital postcard swap

On swap-bot I belong to a group that is focused on digital mail art, i.e. mail art that contains at least one part digitally created. This is great because I sometimes have issues with some people who receive my sendings: they often consider that digital art is not really art. They think that a digital collage is not as difficult as a real collage. For me they are different ways of doing art, and all of them should be respetced. Anyway, at least in this group I have no issue.

Inside the group a swap about postcards digitally created has taken place and of course I wanted to be part of it.

Before sharing the postcard I sent, I would like to add some words. I recently discovered the art of rubber stamping and I immediatly got hooked. I'm still in the learning phase, but I watch a lot of video on Youtube showing artists producing mail art (or scrapbook) with rubber stamps. I took inspiration in one of them to create my postcard. As I never do things like the others, I used rubber stamps that I stampped on a paper and that I scanned to include them in my design. Here is the result.

I'm quite satisfied of the background that I created from a picture I took and that I distorted a lot in photoshop.

In return I received three cards from Laurie Handsen.

2 commentaires:

  1. Sounds like a good group to be part of. I do sometimes worry that my digital postcards and envelopes will not be well regarded by some recipients. I will say that at Mail Me Some Art that I have had some very positive comments about some of my digital work, so maybe I should not be so worried? I do try not to make too many of the same thing - in fact almost all of my digital work is altered so that not very many end up being identical. They are all printed, rather than photocopied, which helps I think.

  2. Thanks Phillip. At MMSA I also never got negative feednacks. My creations are also printed and also somehow unique as I never print any item more than once.