Received from Guillaume Langou

Guillaume is a new contact. He has a blog at and he sent me this nice envelope with cute frogs:

Winter/holiday envelopes exchange

I participated recently to an envelope exchange. The idea was to create envelopes with a winter or holday theme. I sent five envelopes that I will not show you as I forgit to scan them (how stupid I am...) and I already received three in return.

One from Jean Wilson(the letters look much much nicer in reality than on this scan)

One from Phillip Lerche. Phillip used a paper bag from the Paper Source store. I love the idea.

The paper bag says "please recycle this bag", this is what Phillip did !

Phillip also inclued a bonus post card created by himself and a poem:

One from Karen Ness. Look at the very nice way Karen has written my first name. And as you can see she did not write my surname but I anyway received the envelope! Thank you mister postman.

Received from Chantal Casamayor

A very nice card received from Chantal

World theater day mail art

I participated to a mail art call to celebrate the World theater day (see here on facebook)

Received from Micu

A very nice sending from Micu one of the hostess of Mail A Smile:

Weather mail art

I participated to a challenge about mail around weather. I sent this cover using a quote from a song of my favorite pop band (the Pet Shop Boys). The song is called Searching for the face of Jesus.

Received from Jill Stoll

A nice postcard sent by Jill Soll from Artisanal Postcards.

Received from Irene Ronchetti

As an answer to my participation to her call (see here) Irene sent me the following nice items:

Two envelopes received from Philippe Charron

Two nice sendings from my friend Philippe:

Mail Me Some Art round postcards swap

One of the latest swap (and probably the last one) on Mail Me Some Art was about round postcards. I love creating round postcards. I sent these five following nes (in teh form of madalas), four for the swap and one for Karen the hostess of MMSA.

And I received the fllowing ones from Currie, Lynne, Saba and Trudy:

Parallels mail art call

I also answered to another mail art call entitled "Parallels". All details are available here:

For this postcard I felt like re-using my signature frogs. So here what I sent.

Even aliens like selfies

Irene Ronchetti has a mail art call about aliens. Being a huge sci-fi fan I had to participate to this call. I re-used an idea I used some times ago aready pictuing an alien doing selfies in front of the Eiffel tower. 

Think pink swap on swap-bot

I participated to a swap entitled "Think pink" on swap-bot. The challenge was to create a ost card that was mostly pink. When I think pink, I always think about pink elephants. So I had to send the following card.

And I received this one from Hailey Jennings.

Mysterious card customized by Phillip Lerche

Before showing you this item, I need to give some explaination. I mentioned in a previous post the envelope swap organized on Jean Wilson's blog (pushing the envelopes). Phillip was one of the person with whom I had to swap. I sent him a cover decorated with my signature frogs (see it here).

As usual, when I send a cover, I put inside a postcard to make it stiffer. Usually this is a postcard with a photo and the name of my blog. I use an online service to print these cards, they do a rather good job. If I buy a set of 40 prints, they send me the cards oarganized in five sets of eight. The sets are separated by each other by a postcard that contains some obscure reference and a barcode. Usually I use them for other purpose than mail art... But when I sent the envelope to Philip I made a mistake and used one of these intermediate card instead of a good one. Phillip was obviousy suprised and he tried to understand what was this mysterious card. He could not find it, and he decided to send it back to me after customization. So here it is!

Phillip, if you read this, sorry for the mistake. But it gave you the oportuniy to send me a nice iteam!

A-F Cover swap on swap-bot

I loved this swap on swap-bot. The idea was to decorate an envelope using elements whose name starts with the letters from A to F. Following my habbit, I decided to use animals: ants, butterflies, coyotte, dalmatien, elephant and fox. I also thought it was a good idea to use the names of the animals as a background. Here is the result.

ANd here is the fantastic cover I received from Jan Hardt.

Received from Monika Mori

Monika has a mail art call on Turquoise ( You can see my participation here. As an answer Monika sent me the following card.

Received from Laurie Morris

Laurie is recoverng slowly and she sent me this nice card made from a page of her art journal.

Digital card with dictionary page swap

Another swap hosted by the group I belong to on swap-bot was about postcards picturing a dictionary page. The chalenge was to illustrate the card with a word from the dictionary page. And of course at least one element had to be digitally created.

I sent this card.

And I received this one from Betty Hagglund.

Received from Tasha Radloff

A very nice card contained in a nice envelope. 

A nice card from Ti Ar Raden

Received from Christophe Blaise

As an answer to my participation to his TEETH mail art call, Christophe sent me this nice card mixing my call on frog and my call on poppies.

Received from David Stanley Aponte

A nice card received from David Stanley Aponte.