Mysterious card customized by Phillip Lerche

Before showing you this item, I need to give some explaination. I mentioned in a previous post the envelope swap organized on Jean Wilson's blog (pushing the envelopes). Phillip was one of the person with whom I had to swap. I sent him a cover decorated with my signature frogs (see it here).

As usual, when I send a cover, I put inside a postcard to make it stiffer. Usually this is a postcard with a photo and the name of my blog. I use an online service to print these cards, they do a rather good job. If I buy a set of 40 prints, they send me the cards oarganized in five sets of eight. The sets are separated by each other by a postcard that contains some obscure reference and a barcode. Usually I use them for other purpose than mail art... But when I sent the envelope to Philip I made a mistake and used one of these intermediate card instead of a good one. Phillip was obviousy suprised and he tried to understand what was this mysterious card. He could not find it, and he decided to send it back to me after customization. So here it is!

Phillip, if you read this, sorry for the mistake. But it gave you the oportuniy to send me a nice iteam!

2 commentaires:

  1. Thank you for solving the mystery. You will enjoy reading my blogpost later this month where I discuss how I tried to solve the code myself!