Liberate your art 2015

I decided to participate to the Liberate your art swap (details are available here). I created the five following postcards:

And here is the envelope I used to mail them to Kat, the hostess of the swap.

Letter A envelope swap on swap-bot

The challenge was to illustrate an envelope with at least 6 items starting by an A. I sent this envelope.

And I received this fantastic one from Carroll A Davies.

Several ATC swaps on swap-bot

Here is a bunch of ATC swaps to which I have participated on swap-bot.

First swap was about vintage frog ATC. I sent this ATC.

And I received these two from Berverly Ticuit.

Second swap was about vintage cat ATC. I sent this one.

And I received this one from Johanna Alanen.

Third swap was bout vintage French style ATC. I sent this one.

And I received this one from Sheryl Johnson.

Finally the last swap was a two colors ATC swap : black and beige. I sent this one.

And I received this one from Sheryl Johnson

Received from Alain Cotten

Another nice collage from Alain Cotten.

Love themed envelopes swap

After the winter themed envelopes swap, I  am participating to a new swap with the subject "Love". I must admit that this is not my preferred subject for mail art!
I had quite some tough times to find ideas, and I decided to have a different approach than usual. I used some digital scrap booking  kits to produce my envelopes. These kits contain papers and embellishments. All I needed to produce my five envies.

Here they are:

My 2015 digital art Journal : Dream

I have been reading a lot these days about art journals. I have also watched a lot of tutorials on You Tube. So I decided to start my own journal. But of course, as I am more at ease in front of a computer, this will be a digital art journal. Each page will be a digital image created on computer. Then I will print each page in the form of a postcard. I will keep one for me, and I will send one to friends and contacts. I will share with you page after page. The full art journal will be displayed on the page here (link also available on the right).

The first page is the cover. I wanted to use "Dream" as the title of my journal. Here is what I came out with. I am not completly satisfied by the result. I wanted to have the word "dream" loking more like a cloud. Well, I'm in the learning phase !

MMSA: Year of the goat postcards

The latest swap on Mail Me Some Art is about year of the goat. I created these two postcards. I used a digital kit from Design Cuts

Received from Phillip Lerche

I love, love, love this cover sent by Phillip Lerche. I just love the cute frog!

Received from Bessieres PAAJ children

The kids from the PAAJ of Bessieres sent me three very nice cards. Here they are, respectively from Lea M, Camille M and Morgane F. Thanks a lot!
(for each card I show you the recto and the verso).

Sent to Guillaume Langou

Guillaume Langou has a mail art call on Opera. Here is the cover I sent him.

Vintage mustaches ATC swap

When I was 17 I decided to grow a mustache. I kept it until the age of 23. So I had to participate to this swap on swap-bot about vintage mustache ATC.

Here is the ATC I sent.

And the one I got from Sami Eason.

Received from Eric Bensidon

In sepetmber I sent to Eric Bensidon a participation to his call (see here the details). In return, Eric sent me the documemtation of his call, and a new invitation to another project. I need to work on this one now!

Mail a Smile challenge #24 : Love

The January challenge of Mail A Smile was about Love. I created this envelope using a rubber stamp from La La Land that I stamped, scanned and colored digitally. I quite like the result, even if the coloring is probably a bit simple. 

Received from Micu

Misu, one of the hosts of  Mail A Smile project, sent me this nice envelope and card. I love envelopes made from cartoons, I love the Peanuts,  you can imagin how I was happy to get this cover with the Peanut in Hungarian !

The text on the card means "I am an happy cow" (you see how fluent I am in Hungarian ;-) ?)

Received from Servaine Morel

I received this nice envelope from Servaine Morel, a new contact from IUOMA. The envelope contained two ATC for my project "One word, one ATC" (link on the right).
I just love the rubber stamp on the back of the envelope!

Received from Vesna Majer

A very nicely hand drawn envelope received from Vesna Majer, a new contact. The drawing is really great! And look at those stamps !

Received from Christophe Blaise

During my holidays (did I mention that in January I spent three fabulous weeks in Sydney, Australia ?) Christophe Blaise sent me two nice items.

First an envelope made from a magazine page folded in a very clever way (so clever that I could not fold it back in the same way). The envelope contained an ATC for my project "One word, one ATC" (see link on the right).

Then he sent me this very very nice envelope with this cute drawing. The joke is impossible to translate in English, sorry. I just LOVE the cute from on the head of the dog.