My 2015 digital art Journal : Dream

I have been reading a lot these days about art journals. I have also watched a lot of tutorials on You Tube. So I decided to start my own journal. But of course, as I am more at ease in front of a computer, this will be a digital art journal. Each page will be a digital image created on computer. Then I will print each page in the form of a postcard. I will keep one for me, and I will send one to friends and contacts. I will share with you page after page. The full art journal will be displayed on the page here (link also available on the right).

The first page is the cover. I wanted to use "Dream" as the title of my journal. Here is what I came out with. I am not completly satisfied by the result. I wanted to have the word "dream" loking more like a cloud. Well, I'm in the learning phase !

3 commentaires:

  1. Interesting idea to do this digitally. I'll be keeping an eye on it to see how it progresses.

  2. J'ai reçu la carte postale avec cette page. Merci beaucoup!