Received from Chrystobal

A very nice documentation received for the Cheetah mail art call from Chrystobal. You can see here my participation.

Sent to Brian Lapsley

I recently discovered Brian's channel on You Tube and I loved it. So I decided to send him a mail art.

Sent to Eva Albiol

Eva has a mail art call on the Wizard of Oz. Here is an envelope I made using stamps from Visible Image (as usual, stamps are stamped, scanned and digitally colored).

Received from Micu

Micu, from Mail A Smile, sent me this nice envelope made from a sweets bag. I love it. Inside there was a funny book called Little Clichepedia listing all sorts of clichés on Hungarian people (Micu is from Hungary). There was also a nice postcard explaining how to cook a very traditional Hungarian meal.

Sent to Guillaume Langou

Guillaume has a mail art call on aviation. For me aviation means travels, so my envelope is more travel oriented. This is not an envelope made on computer but made using stamps from Stampendous and colored with color pencils.

Sent to Marie Fenianos

Marie likes roses, and I wanted to try some watercolor techniques on computer. I also used some digital stencils and here it goes.

Sent to Nicole Eippers

A piggy envelope for Nicole done with rubber stamps from Art Impression that I have stamped, scanned and colored with my computer:

Received from Marti Schrock

A nicely addressed envelope sent by Marti.

D card swap on swap-bot

In case you did not notice I love mail art based on the alphabet. Here the challenge was to create a post card illustrating the letter D.

I sent this one:

And I received this nice one from Tricia Jones.

Received from Chuck Kolb

A very nice envelope received from Chuck.

2015 Digital art journal : We're all stories in the end

“We are all stories in the end”. This is a quote from the Doctor Who series. I’m a big sci-fi fan but I’m not so much into Doctor Who. In fact Doctor Who has never been very famous in France. But I like this quote that I learned recently. I thought it was a perfect quote for an entry in my art journal.

Sent to Phillip Lerche

In December I received this bonus card made by Phillip

Phillip invited me to use it, so I decided to modify it a bit and to send it back to him.

And here is the envelope I used to send it. An envelope made from a picture found in a magazine I found in the British Airways lounged at Heathrow during my last trip to Australia.

Received from Jan Hardt

Another envelope received as part of the February swap.

theRED Mail Art exhibition catalog

Some times ago I participated to a mail art call entitle The RED. You can see here the envelope I sent.

I had also received a first sending of documentation of the project that you can see here.

Several exhibitions have been made and I received this new catalog and flyers (I am on page 8 ;-)).

Challenge Mail Art swap on swap-bot

I participated to a mail art challenge on swap-bot. The idea was to send an envelope using at least seven items of the following list:

  1. Something winter-y
  2. Blue
  3. Sparkle
  4. Stripes
  5. Ice Skating
  6. Map
  7. Coffee or tea
  8. Cat or dog
  9. Office supply (label, stamp, or other)
  10. Comic or cartoon
  11. Foreign language
  12. Feather
  13. Flower or tree
  14. Bacon
  15. Music

I sent the following envelope using something wintery (the snowflakes on the left), blue, music, ice skating, foreign language (the Japanese symbol for Love), stripes, flowers.

And I received a GORGEOUS envelope from Jan Hardt. Such a beauty. The scan can not show you the texture of the envelope. It is wonderful. Jan also included a clear stamp as a gift.

Sent to Artsy Mail

As an answer to a mail art call I found on Instagram.

Sent to Amber Esner

If you haven't watched yet the excellent Making Mail movie on YouTube, I really invite you to do it. In it I discovered Amber and I decided to send her an envelope. Here is the one I sent.

Year of the goat postcards swap on swap-bot

Here are two postcards I sent for a swap on swap-bot on Year of the goat. 

And here are the one I received from Angela Darling and Aileen Chang.

Received from Smash

Another nice envelope received as part of the February swap. This time it comes from Smash. Look at this beauty and the way stamps are well integrating in the overall design.

Received from Karen Ness

Look at this very nice envelope received from Karen Ness. I would love to be able to draw addresses as nicely as what Karen did.

Received from Phillip Lerche

A very nice triangle received from Phillip. I can not show you on the scan how it opens but this is a very nice item.

2015 Digital art Journal : Time flies

Early January I was making a birthday card for my sister. When doing this I realized what age she was reaching and I also realized that next year I will be 50! Half of a century! How did it happen? Did I miss something? I was shocked how quickly time flies. Then I realized that “Time flies” may be not the best “sentiment” for a birthday card, and I kept the usual “Joyeux anniversaire”. But then I decided that "Time flies" would be a great prompt for my art journal and I created a page.

I started by the background. I wanted something grungy and I layered several background pictures using Photoshop (correction for this one I think I used the freeware Then I added some texture with the text on the left side and the background stamp on the right side. This is a Kaisercraft background stamp that I stamped, scanned and digitally modified. Then I used digi-stamps for the clock. I spent some time finding the best font to use for the words “Time flies”. 
At the end I’m quite happy with the result.

Received from Hester Wright

As part of the February envelopes swap I have received this nice red letter from Hester and a wonderful heart shaped note card.