2015 Digital Art Journal : You are not alone

I am a big fan of sci-fi. Among the topics that are covered by sci-fi, encounter with aliens is one of my favorite. I can hardly imagine that we are alone in the universe. If we are alone in this huge universe, what a waste! 
This journal page came quite naturally. I also made a cover for a new contact sharing a similar design, that I will share in a future post. 

Received from Guillaume Langou

Guillaume sent me this very very nice painted envelope. Both sides are decorated. 

Received from Vesna Majer

A cute frog sent by Vesna Majer from Croatia.

Received from Nikki Haig

A very nice postcard sent by Nikki Haig.

Sent to Mail A Smile project

The latest challenge from Mail A Smile project was flowers and plants. I sent one of my rather usual flower creation.

Sent to Karen Ness

Another of my "mixed media" looking envelope sent to Karen Ness.

Received from Chuck M.

Again a very nice calligraphic exercise on this envelope received from Chuck.

Received from Kate Riley

A very nice envelope sent by Kate Riley. Look at the e that Kate made as an echo to the nice stamp. Wonderful. 

Kate also included a zentangle in the envelope. I would love being able to do something like that!

Received from Jan Hardt

Through the latest envelope swap I participated to, I received thhis charming envelope from Jan Hardt. Look at these gorgeous stamps!

Received from Phillip Lerche

Phillip sent me this envelope made with the page of a magazine because it made him think of me. Not because I look like the very handsome Gaspard Ulliel pictured on the photography, but because I'm a French guy I guess ;-)

Phillip also included this very funny vintage image inside the envelope.

Received from Florence Vogel

An envelope sent by Florence Vogel and realized with Gelli plate printing. I'm fascinated by gelli plate printing. I have my own gelli plate but I never dared using it yet. Maybe soon..?

Liberate your art 2015 : the cards received

Some times ago I participated to a postcards swap called Liberate your art (see here the cards I sent). Here are the cards I received as an answer.

Karen Hewson

Anthony Leggins

Dirty dog studio

Finger on the shutter

DL Correa

Kat Sloma (hostess of the swap)

2015 Digital art journal : Coffee is always a good idea

What I like with art journal (or digital art journal) is that there is no rule. You can create a page about whatever you want, something you like, or you don't like, for instance. For this page I decided to dedicate it to coffee. I love coffee. I drink a lot of coffee (well, much less than when I was young because this is not very good for my health). Also for this page I decided to plagiarize the famous quote from Audrey Hepburn (Paris is always a good idea).

Received from Armael Gallot

A nice card received from Armael.

Received from Phillip Lerche

Another envelope received from Phillip. The paper suffered a bit during the transport but this is part of the game of mail art! I love the way Phillip put the stamp at the center of the watch. Very clever.

And the card used by Phillip.

Unicorn mail art sent to Lynn De Zeeuw

Lynn is a 7 years old girl who has a mail art call on horses or unicorns. I sent her this envelope.

Received from Marie Fenianos

Marie sent me this nice envelope to send me a nice ATC for my project "One word, one ATC".

Received from Mariana Serban

Mariana is a graphic artist from Romania. She always sent me wonderful art.

New envelope swap : my sendings

I'm participating to a new envelope swap. The theme is free, and I had to send five envelopes. I created the following ones.

Green cards swap

As I already said on this blog, I love creating mail art using one color. This swap on swap-bot was about green card. Here is the card I sent.

And the one I received from Renee Schenck (funny that we both put a frog on our card!).

Easter card received from Micu

A very cute Easter card received from Micu. I also show you the envelope she made to send it to me, just look at the cute stamps !

Received from Boost'eure

Quite some time ago I participated to a mail art call from Boost'eure an association that helps young people having difficulties. (see here my sending) I was very pleased to received recently a thank you note in a nice mail art envelope decorated by Omar.

2015 Digital art journal : Create

Last week I went to China for a very short business trip. I went to Shanghai and also to Qingdao where my teams are located. My flight to Qingdao was delayed by more than 2 hours, so I spent quite some times in Shanghai airport. The WiFi refused to work so I could not work while waiting, so I decided to work on a journal page. I had limited resources with me, so it was quite a challenge. Here is what I came out with.

MMSA Year of the sheep

Here are the very nice cards I received through the MMSA Year of the sheep swap. The first one is from Christie J and the second one from Leslie S. You can see here the ones I had sent.