Sent to guillaume Langou

Guillaume has a call on theater. I have sent him this Shakespear themed envelope.

May envelope swap : my sending

Here are the five envelopes I'm sending for the May swap plus one bonus envelope for Jan who takes care of the organization of this swap.

Sent to Philippe Charron

A grungy style envelope sent to my friend Philippe Charron.

Received from Phillip Lerche

On the same day I received two pieces from Phillip. First an envelope illustrated with lots of insects. Insects are everywhere, even on the stamps!

And a postcard that Phillip sent me as a bonus to one of the recent swap on Mail Me Some Art (I did not scan the card I sent and received for this swap). The idea was to create a postcard illustrating a book you like particularly. Phllip sent me this card illustrating "The man in the high castle" from Philip K Dick. I haven't read the book yet but I already purchased it on Amazon ;-)

Sent to Vesna Majer

Still exploring new styles. An envelope I just sent to Vesna my new contact from Croatia.

Sent to Raphael'L

I'm exploring a new style for my digitally created envelope. Here is one I sent to Raphael'L.

Received from Therese Warryn

A cute frog sent by Therese.

Received from Lisa Menou

A wonderful envelope with very nice rubber stamps received through a swap on swap-bot from Lisa Menou.

I love the stamp that says "Let me know if you don't receive this"...

Received from Karen Ness

As usual, a very nicely addressed envelope sent by Karen Ness.

Received from Scott (Positively postal)

A very nice collage sent by Scott from Positively Postal.

Rainbow project documentation

Following my participation to the Rainbow mail art call (see here what I sent), Mailarta sent me the documentation of the project. There was a lot of nice stuff in the envelope, for the sake of time and space I just show you the envelope, the first page of the documentation and the page where my sending is displayed.

Received from Eva Albiol

A very nice cover sent by Eva for my poppies mail art call.

Thank you card received from Lynn De Zeuw

Lynn sent me a very nice "thank you" card for my participation to her mail art call on Unicorns (see here the cover I sent).

Received from Honi Chassin

A nice postcard sent by Honi Chassin.

Received from Micu

Micu, the hostess of made me the nice surprise to send me an handmade card for my birthday. It was sent in an envelope made from the page of a newspaper. Thank you very much Micu for this nice sending.

2015 Digital Art Journal : Late in the season

Twenty years ago I had the opportunity to spend three weeks of holidays in the USA. We made a road trip which ended on the east coast, in Provincetown. Massachusetts. Provincetown is a small city located near Cape Cod which becomes extremely busy during the summer season. When I went there, it was already at the end of September so at the end of the season. The city was already back to a quiet mode, a lot of places were closed. There was a very nice atmosphere that I really loved. At this time I was reading a book from Felice Picano called "Late in the season" and I thought it really suited to the situation I was living.
This page is inspired by this trip, this book and this period of my life.

Sent to Crystal Rodner

I "met" Crystal on Instagram and as she is also a big fan of sci-fi I reused the design of my last journal page to prepare a cover for her.

Sent to Phillip Lerche

I made this envelope from a bag used to wrap vegetables and fruits and I sent to Phillip. I don't know if it will arrive safely.