Received from Christophe Blaise

As an answer to my ATCs, Christophe sent me this nice envelope and the following ATC from various artists (including himself for the E.T. ATC).

2015 Digital art journal : he dreamed of machines

Do you know Alan Turing? If not, I invite you to read about him on Wikipedia. He can be considered as the father of modern computers. He did great things and it is very sad to see how he was treated (and how he died) because he was homosexual. 2012 was the 100th anniversary of his birth and at this occasion a lot of events took place, some books have been published. Also at this occasion, the Pet Shop Boys, my favorite British pop band, have issued a musical piece about his life, entitled “He dreamed of machines”. I love this title. It is not coming from the PSB themselves, but from the biography written by Andrew Hodges in 2007 that the PSB used as an inspiration.
Being an admirer of Alan Turing since years, and being a big fan of the PSB I decided to take this opportunity to pay tribute to this great Mathematician by creating a page for my art Journal. 

For the technical part, the background is a merge of several pictures including a binary sequence. The gears on the left side are a Tim Holtz stamp that I stamped, scanned and modified.

Here it is.

Sent to Ian (Off Kilter Crafter)

I am a subscriber of Ian's YouTube channel. I quite like his videos so I decided to send him an envelope. Here it is.

Sent to Phillip Lerche

I made this envelope using the page of a magazine a long time ago. But I never found the time to finish it and send it. Recently French post issue a stamp about vintage toys and I thought this could be a perfect match!

Sent to Micu

Coloring pages are very trendy these days in France. You can find them everywhere in books or magazines. They are supposed to help you relax. An art magazine that I read regularly was offering some as a gift. I played with my copic markers and thought it could make a nice envelope. And here it is. And now I feel completely relaxed ;-)

Sent to Christophe Blaise

Christophe has a mail art call about teeth. Not an easy subject for me... I found some good advice targeted to kids and I thought this cute tooth could make a cute envelope. A bit childish but I quite like it...

Mail art exchange with Erena DiGoris

I "met" Erena on Instagram. She contacted m and asked me to swap some mail art with her. Few days later I had the nice surprise to receive this very nice set (as you will see the postal clerk had stuck the export form on the painting and stamping... I tried to removed it but without much success... I made a mess).

In return she received this from me.

Vanitas mail art call from Kerosene, and my participation

Kerosene sent me this Vanitas mail art call.

Here is the cover I sent to her.

Cute cows from Therese Warryn

Therese likes funny cows and she sent me this nice card.

Received from Alain Cotten

A nice composition for my call about golden ratio.

Received from Philippe Charron

Philippe sent me this nice envelope using the recent Hokusai postage stamp issued by the French post and illustrating a difficult period he is going through...

Received from Guillaume Langou

Guillaume sent me this very nice composition. 

Received from Christophe Blaise and some ATC from me

Christophe sent me this nice envelope made from a page of a magazine and asked me if I could help him by sending him few ATC for an event he was organizing.

I sent him these four ATC.

Received from Isabelle Obriot

A funny sending from Isabelle who is wondering where the men are...

By the sea: a postcard swap

The last swap I participated to on swap-bot was a mail art postcard swap with the theme "By the sea". I made this card that is rather unusual for me (I mean this is not my usual style), but I was pretty happy with the result.

And I got this lovely card from Nancy Barlow with a gelli printed background and nice rubber stamps.

Mail A Smile : Friendship

The June theme of Mail A Smile challenge was Friendship. Here is my sending. I used a rubber stamp from Stampendous (I think...) that I stamped, scanned and digitally colored. I think I made the colors a bit dark... but it was too long and I had to time to start again.

A bunch of nice envelopes

I am back after few days of silence because I had to change my scanner. Well at the beginning I changed my PC. But moving to a brand new PC I also moved from Windows XP to Windows 8... And guess what ? My old scanner is not supported on Windows 8! I tried thousands of tricks but none worked. SO I had to buy a new scanner. Which is good because the old one was very old. The new one seems much better. Quicker, easier. 

Now that I'm back let me share with you some very nice envelopes received through the May envelope swap and some other direct contacts.

First two envelopes from Karen Ness. Note that on both envelopes Karen forgot (?) to write my family name, but both envelopes arrived without issue. My postman starts to know me ;-)

Then an envelope from Cathleen O'Rear.

Another one from Chuck Myrick.

And finally a very nice flower from Candy Wooding. You can read about the "making of" of this envelope on the excellent blog of Candy : My Paper Art.

2015 Digital art journal : One day I will fly away

This is what I say to myself almost every day when I get out of the bed to go to work. This is a way to forget the daily routine we call "metro boulot dodo" in French (metro=underground boulot=work dodo=sleep). I am not sure this is very efficient as I know I will probably never fly away...