2015 Digital art journal : he dreamed of machines

Do you know Alan Turing? If not, I invite you to read about him on Wikipedia. He can be considered as the father of modern computers. He did great things and it is very sad to see how he was treated (and how he died) because he was homosexual. 2012 was the 100th anniversary of his birth and at this occasion a lot of events took place, some books have been published. Also at this occasion, the Pet Shop Boys, my favorite British pop band, have issued a musical piece about his life, entitled “He dreamed of machines”. I love this title. It is not coming from the PSB themselves, but from the biography written by Andrew Hodges in 2007 that the PSB used as an inspiration.
Being an admirer of Alan Turing since years, and being a big fan of the PSB I decided to take this opportunity to pay tribute to this great Mathematician by creating a page for my art Journal. 

For the technical part, the background is a merge of several pictures including a binary sequence. The gears on the left side are a Tim Holtz stamp that I stamped, scanned and modified.

Here it is.

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