A new series of envelopes

I made a series of envelopes that I sent to various people.

July envie swap : my sendings

A new swap for July and five new envelopes. I made four on the same subject ("Just a matter of time") and for the last one going to Australia I decided to re-use a beach theme I used on some previous cards.

Received from Phillip Lerche

A very nice tree sent by Phillip. I love the monochromatic look of the envelope with just the red of the stamps (and postmark)!
Phillip did not put my family name but the envelope reached me anyway !

MMSA : Primarily cards

Another swap on Mail Me Some Art. The subject is cards containing only (mainly) the primary colors: blue, red and yellow. I sent to cards:

Another coloring page turned into envelope

Here is my second attempt to use a coloring page (colored with my Copic markers) into an envelope. There will be a third one later before I stop this series.

Sent to Armael Gallot

A cat themed envelope for Armael, using digi-stamp that I digitally colored.

Received from Philippe Charron

A new very nice painted envelope from Philippe Charron.

Mail A Smile July challenge: clothelines

For the July challenge of Mail A Smile I reused an old idea that I already used on previous envelopes.

Received from Nicole Eippers

A cute card received from Nicole.

MMSA: flip/flop cards swap

The swaps on Mail Me Some Art have slowed down a bit recently and the most recent swaps are hosted by guests. Honi C is hosting a swap on postal cards picturing flip-flop shoes. In French we call them "tongs" and they are in my mind associated with fun on the beach. So here are the two cards I sent:

Received from Kerosene

A very nice sending from Kerosene. I'm going to try coloring this E page !

June envie swap: the received envelopes

I'm already working on July swap but here are the very nice five envelopes I received for the June swap.

First a very nice envelope full of colors and stamped images from Chuck K:

Then a transparent one from Jean W:

A nicely addressed one from Karen N:

This one was sent by Rehj. You can not really appreciate the beauty of this envelope on the scan. What you have to know is that my name and address are punched out to reveal the white of the envelope beneath...

And the last one from Smash.

Mail art call : Bocksbeutel

I received this mail art call from Roland Halbritter. Don't hesitate to participate!

Sent to Nadine Lenain

Nadine has a mail art call on Japan. I recently got as a gift a set of rubber stamps with a Japanese theme, so I decided to play with them and to try my coloring skills with my color pencils.

2015 Digital Art Journal : Jump...

This new page has a different story than the others. The starting point is the quote from Ray Bradbury "Jump... and you will find out how to unfold your wings as you fall". I read this quote for the first time on Brian's blog, and I immediately loved it. I put it in a corner of my mind.

Then, later, Mike Deakin, a YouTuber that I follow regularly, launched a sort of challenge on his blog. The idea was to re-use an image of a rain fairy that he had made from an old picture. I decided to try the challenge and, for any reason, I though about the quote from Bradbury. Then I created this page. 

June envelope swap : my sending

Here are my five envelopes for the June envelopes swap (normally they should have all arrived when this post gets published).

The first one is for Phillip Lerche.

The second one for Jan Hardt, who helps organizing this swap.

Then three covers using a similar theme for Jackie Davis, Kate Riley and Lilli McGinn.

Sent to Mike Deakin

In my exploration of the Mixed Media Art world I spend some times on YouTube watching videos from other artists. I love Mike's channel and I decided to send him a mail to tell him.

Sent to David Stanley Aponte

This envelope is an exception for me. As you know I usually make my envelopes on computers. But recently I decided to explore the wold of Mixed Media. I even purchased a gelli plate and I played a lot with it. I had a lot of fun but did not really produce something that I would like to share with you yet. While playing with my gelli plate, I used a piece of paper to clean my brayer between two colors, and I did it trying to use a pattern. I came out with a nice painted paper that I used for this envelope to David.

Sent to Nicole Eippers

Nicole loves pigs. Here is a cover I sent her using a digi stamp from the company "From the heart" that I then colored digitally. 

Sent to Philippe Charron

Philippe is the one who made me discover the world of mail art. I will never thank him enough for that and for all the beauties he sent me. Here is my last cover to him.

Sent to Corinne Parchantour

Corinne has a call entitled "behind my house...". I sent her this cover to show that behind my house there is a garden (which is actually not true ;-) ).

Received from David Stanley Aponte

A new sending from David Stanley Aponte, not so easy to scan for some parts...

Sent to Guillaume Langou

Guillaume has several mail art calls including one on aviation. Here is a cover I sent him on this theme, using some digital scrapbooking kit.