2015 Digital art journal : black is the new black

I'm sure you have already heard this expression "xxxx is the new black" to say that "xxxx" is trendy. I recently heard someone say : black is the new black. I though it was so funny. So when I wanted to make an art journal page full of colors, I immediately thought about using this sentence.

Sent to Phillip Lerche

Another envelope made from a magazine for Phillip. I hope this one will reach him, seeing the way I have written the address...

Sent to Mzia Valerian

No time like present...

Under the wings of an ostrich

Alain Cotten has a pretty surprising mail art call: what is under the wings of an ostrich ?
It took me some time but I finally made a contribution. Sorry for the non French speaking readers...

Mail A Smile : august challenge : Balloons

August challenge for Mail A Smile was "balloons". I immediately thought about hot air balloons and I made this envelope with a vintage look.

Sent to Isabelle Obriot

Isabelle likes owls. I made this envelope for her.

Received from Philippe Charron

The French postal administration recently issued a set of stamps picturing animal's eyes. One of the stamp pictures the red eye of a frog. When I saw this stamp I was pretty sure that my friend Philippe would use it on an envelope. And I was right. Look at this beauty.

There is a super hero inside all of us

Envelope sent to a new contact met on Facebook, David Hall.

Received from Nadile Lenain : R is for Rose

Nadine has almost reached the end of the alphabet: R is for Rose.

Sent to Phillip Lerche

A tribute to Magritte and his "this is not a pipe" painting. Envelope made from a magazine page.

Change, transform, create art

A series of envelope I made for Servane Morel, Mariana Serban and Fleur Helsingor.

Sent to Philippe Charron

I'm still exploring the techniques of Mixed-media art and I love trying to recreate some effects with my computer. Here is an example sent to my friend Philippe Charron.

Sent to Scott

A postal themed envelope sent to Scott from Positively Postal:

Received from Hester Wright

A nice handmade envelope sent by Hester. I love the stamps!

Sent to Thérèse Waryn

Thérèse likes funny cows. I made this envelope for her.

Received from Iryna Barysava

A spontaneous sending from Iryna Barysava through the MMSA exchange page:

Mail Me Some Art : Flip/flop card swap

And here are the cards I received for the MMSA flip/flop card swap. The first one from Patricia Moreland and the second one from Honi Chassin.

July envelope swap

Here are the very nice five envelope I received for the July swap organized by Jean and Jan:

The first one is from Jan Hardt:

The second one from Elizabeth O. 

The third one from Chuck Myrick:

The fourth one from Bridget Larsen:

And the last one from Kate Riley with anther very nice Zentangle:

Received from Mzia Valerian

A new contact from Belgium sent me this nice envelope and card.

Sent to Vesna Majer

The third (and last ?) envelope made from coloring page. Again I used my copic markers. I know, the color theme is the same than the two previous ones... but I don't have so many copic markers, they are so expensive...

2015 digital art journal : Elephants can remember

I do have a good memory. I must confess that it helped me a lot in some situations. But it is also interesting to see the selection made by the brain to choose what will be stored or not in your memory. For instance I remember what I have eaten in a specific restaurant 20 years ago… but I will not be able to give  the names of the people I have worked with, let’s say 10 years ago. I have a problem with names (and especially with names of former colleagues… don’t know why). I forget them after some time without interaction with these people…
So this art journal page is about memory and what best could I choose than an elephant. I love elephants and they are known to have a good memory. Don’t know if this is true or only a legend.
This page has a double meaning in fact because “Elephants can remember” is also the title of a novel from Agatha Christie. I like her novels and I read them a lot when I was younger. I also like the movies or TV series that were made from her stories. Hercule Poirot played by David Suchet is my favorite. I just love what he did with this character. The last episode of the 13th season made a strong impression on me.
So here is the page.