Sent to Christophe Blaise

Right before the end of this year I have sent this envelope to Christophe who has a mail art call about "teeth". My envelope reuses an old ad for a tooth paste designed by Norman Rockwell.

Sent to Guillaume Langou

After the November attacks in Paris I felt like creating some Mail Art with the picture of the Eiffel tower. I made a series and here is the last one that I sent to Guillaume.

Sent to Alain Cotten

Alain has a mail art call entitled "angels vomit demons". I sent him this contribution made with elements from the digital kit "Noël" from Jen Maddocks Design.

Sent to Philippe Charron

Continuing my exploration of the digital kit series Urban from Jen Maddosk designs, I created this envelope for my friend Philippe Charron.

Received from Nadine Lenain

The letter T beautifully illustrated by Nadine. You can not guess it from the scan but the T is a 3D one (a wood letter glued on the envelope).

Who is Eduardo Munez

I recently participated to the funding of a project for a short film about Eduardo Munez and one of the organizer proposed me to send a letter that could appear in the film. So here is what I sent.

December swap! my sendings

I could hardly choose another theme for the December swap than Christmas! So here they are.
The five envelopes are created using a kit from NLD Designs calls "The most wonderful time".

Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas.

Sent to Honi Chassin

I was recently in the mood for nature and I created a set of envelopes on this theme. Like this one I sent to Honi to thank her for her nice recent sendings. The envelope is made using a digital kit from Courtney designs.

Received from Vesna Majer

A very nice envelope received from Vesna mixing doodling and coloring.

Orange is a difficult color

A long long time ago I sent a contribution to the mail art call "Orange is a difficult color". I received recently this nice card.

Sent to Scott

Scott has a mail art call about bees. I created an envelope and a postcard for this call.

November envelope swap : items received

I'm already starting to receive the envelopes for the December swap so it is time to share with you what I received for the November one. They are all fantastic. One is missing, I will add it here when it arrives.

The first one is from Carrol Cramer.

The next one is from Elizabeth O.

The next one from Florence Vogel.

And the last one from Jean Wilson.

Sent to to David Stanley Aponte and Marco Simonelli

Other envelopes made using a digital kit from the Urban series from Jen Maddocks Design.

The first one sent to David, and a postcard I made using the same kit.

The second one sent to Marco, with another postcard.

Sent to Iryna Barysava and Natercia Tomé

I was in a flower mood and sent two similar envelopes to Iryna and Natercia.

Two mail art calls

I answered recently to two mail art calls.

The first one is about Nature (see details here). Here is the card I sent:

The second one is about Fish (see details here). And here is my card.

Sent to Nadine Lenain

An envelope made using scan of old Japanese prints sent to Nadine Lenain for her call about Japan

Received from Franck De Las Mercedes

Franck De Las Mercedes is an artist I dicovered on Instagram. You can check his website at :

He sent me this beautiful card.

Card sent by Tawfik Manham

I discovered the work from Tawfik Manham on Instagram (@tawfikmanham). He was kind enough to send me this very nice handmade card.

Received from Philippe Charron

Another funny piece sent by my friend Philippe Charron. In France we call the never ending deficit of the social security, the "hole". Phillippe took the opportunity of this stamp issued to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the social security to send me a "hole". The card has an actual hole !

Received from Kerosene and sent to her

I received this nice pieces from Kerosene.

And I send back this envelope made using the "Urban" digital kit series from Jen Maddocks Design.

Received from Eni Ilis

A nice ending from Eni Ilis.

Crazy birds, sent to Marco Simonelli

If you are into rubber stamps, you know for sure the cute crazy birds from Tim Holtz. I'm in love with them so I had to use some of them on a mail. I used them on a mail to my friend Marco. I also decorated the letter with another one.
As usual, I stamped the birds on a paper, I scanned the image and then I colored them digitally.

Received from Micu

A very nice card received from Micu one of the hostess of the Mail A Smile project.

Received from Honi Chassin

I recently received several mails from Honi including a nice card to show her support for people in Paris. Here they are. Thank you Honi.

The scan does not allow you to feel the magic texture of this card. Believe me, it is magic!

Received from Guillaume Langou

A new very nice painting received from Guillaume Langou. I love the colors !