Reaching the end of the year of the monkey

We are slowly reaching the end of the year of the monkey and soon will begin the year of the rooster. But I wanted to send one last contribution to Phillip’s call and for this I used a vintage greeting card that I manipulated a bit to make an envelope from it.

Another FIFTY from Hester

A nice sending from Hester for my FIFTY mail art call.

Sent to Mudhead Reynolds

I’m continuing my old movie series and for this one I selected a movie that is probably less known than the previous ones: Robinson Crusoe on Mars. But I really like the graphics of the original poster.

X is for...

When you try to illustrate an ABC, there are some letters that are tougher than others. X, is one of these. Nadine continues her illustration of the alphabet and has selected Xerus for the letter X. She also included a very nice handmade card.


We all eat more chocolate at Christmas than we do during the rest of the year, don’t we? When playing with some vintage ads recently I made this envelope for Phillip, using a very famous ad for a chocolate company.

From Jean Wilson

From Jean a very nice envelope for the November/December exchange.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all of you !

And here are two other cards I received. First one with a cute vintage illistration is from Chrystobal. The second one with an embroidered frog is from Isabelle Obriot.

Christmas is coming

While waiting for Santa Claus let me share with you two nice Christmas cards received from Hester and from Micu.

November/Dcember exchange from Maggie Manna

A fantastic envelope received from Maggie. The design is absolutely stunnig. Much better in real life than on the scan.

FIFTY from Philippe Charron

In the series created by Philippe Charron for my FIFTY mail art call, the number 39 seems to be lost somewhere in the postal system. So Philippe was kind enough to resend one. Here it is.

FIFTY from Simon Warren

A contribution to my FIFTY mail art call from Simon Warren in his unique style.

Vintage ads

While browsing some vintage magazines I came across some cool vintage ads made by the French illustrator René Gruau for a perfume company. I though they would look great on an envelope. So here are two... there may be more in the future. 

FIFTY: a failed attempt

Phillip tried to send me another nicely postmarked envelope for my FIFTY mail art call but it seemed there was a timing issue and the cancelling service sent him back the envelop indicating that the postmark was no more available. 

Here is the initial envelope that Phillip wanted to get postmarked.

And here is the cute sticky note that was stuck on the envelope sent back to Phillip.

Phillip sent me the whole in a handmade envelope that he has done using a “folder” (I guess this is what it is called) that I had sent him before. This folder come from the packaging of a letter writing set from the company Quire. This company produces deluxe paper and they package their letter writing sets in folders bearing the same design than the paper. This one was decorated with butterflies so Phillip used nice matching stamps!

FIFTY from Guido Capuano

A nice contribution from Guido Capuano.

Sent to Marie Fenianos

Marie wanted me to send her some ATCs. For some reasons I had decided not to do digital ATCs as I usually do. I wanted to make real collage using print out, pieces of magazines or other ephemera bits. It took me much longer than usual to produce only three ATCs but I had a lot of fun. Looking at them now, I think I should have added more, something like stamping, or paint or other. But well these are my first one so they are for sure not perfect.

Here are the three ATCs I sent.

And here is the cover I used to mail them.

Received from Amy Scott

An envelope received from Amy as part of November/December exchange.

November/December exchange

The last exchange of the year organized by Jean and Jan covers November and December. As I made my envelopes in November, I did not really feel like doing a Christmas themed set. So here is the set of envelopes I made, using the digital kit Fathers from Jen Maddocks design.

Sent to Jocelyne Depierre

Jocelyne likes the Middle Age. I had difficulties to find the right idea but finally made this envelope.

More FIFTY from Phillip Lerche

Here is another very nice commemorative postmark sent by Phillip for my FIFTY call. 

The day the earth stood still

A series about my favorite old movies could not exist without "The day the earth stood still" which is my top favorite sci-fi movie together with "Forbidden planet". This envelope was sent to Kerosene.

Received from Ken Miller

Some times ago I sent an envelope to Ken who answered me nicely with this sending. let me first show the outside.

And then the inside once unfolded.

Received from Kathleen Rea Haiser

A cute envelope from Kathleen Rea Heiser as part of October exchange.

Mission Inspiration December 2016

This is the time for a new Mission Inspiration art journal page. Here are Mike Deakin’s prompts for December.

On my side I decided to stay on the Christmas inspiration. One thing I miss at Christmas is snow! When I was a kid, we usually had snow at Christmas in Paris. This is not the case anymore in the recent years. Even if snow in Paris is synonym of troubles, I somehow miss it. This always makes me thing of the song “It doesn’t often snow at Christmas” from the Pet Shop Boys. So I decided to use the lyrics of this song as a quote for this mission. Then the focal image came from a vintage Christmas card that I scanned. And the rest had to be snowflakes! So here is my page.

More fish for Willemien Visser

I sent a new contribution to Willemien for her call on fish. An envelope and a card.

The man with a white suit

I saw this movie only once when I was a kid and for any reason I remember it quite well so I decided it would be part of my old movies series.

FIFTY from Willemien Visser

Willemien sent me this nice contribution for my FIFTY mail art call.