Received from Philippe Charron

Out of his fifty series, Philippe Charron sent me these two envelopes that work as a jigsaw. In case you don't understand French the top envelope says "When you eat too much spiders..." and the bottom one "here is what happens". In reality pollution generated by us is the cause of the state of this poor frog...

Received from Isabelle Obriot

A nice collage sent by Isabelle Obriot for my former call on Golden Ratio.

Received from Phillip Lerche

A nice envelope and ingenious card sent by Phillip. I have to re-use the idea he used for the card.

Received from Micu

I recently received two nice items from Micu. First a cute handmade card sent in an envelope made from a Peanuts comics (I love Peanuts).

And then a card for my Fifty mail art call.

Received from Phillip Lerche

Philip also sent me a lot of very nice pieces for my FIFTY mail art call. Here are some of them (more to come). The last one is very clever, he took benefit of a commemorative postmark to get a 50 on the envelope. As I'm still a philatelist somewhere in the back of my mind, I love it.

More beauties from Philippe Charron

Philippe continues his series of fifty and he explores various techniques. Be prepared to see some beauties...

February envelope swap

It's time to send my envelopes for the February swap. I continued my series started with the January swap but exploring also more intense colors.

Received from Phillip Lerche : the jigsaw puzzle completed

A very nice envelope received from Phillip that contained the last part of the puzzle that Phillip made for my FIFTY mail art call.

And here is the puzzle completed. It is much nicer in real life as the scanner does not reproduce the depth of the image.

Valentine card received from Honi Chassin

A cute valentine card that I received from Honi.

January swap : received envelopes

I'm very late to publish the gorgeous envelopes I have received from the January swap. There are four, because I already published th fifth one that was coming from Phillip L. So here they are:

From Kate

From Chuck

From Nancy

From Smash

Sent to Phillip Lerche

An envelope made form a magazine for Phillip.

Sent to Isabelle Obriot

Isabelle likes owls so I made this envelope for her using the digital kit "Nature Journal" from Jen Maddock designs.

No racism

To answer one of the mail art calls I recently published (see here) I used my signature frogs to say No to racism.

Ocean series

I created several envelopes using the Ocean digital scrapbooking kit from Jen Maddock design. Here are the first two I sent to Annick and Kerosene.

New sendings from Philippe Charron

Philippe continues his challenge of sending me 50 pieces of mail art ! Here are several that are just fantastic.

Digital art journal : Mission Inspiration February 2016

As in January I accepted the Mission Inspiration from Mike Deakin. The prompts for February are:

And here is the page I created.

Very appropriate for Valentin's day, isn't it ?

I have made a step by step description of the creation of this page here.

Received from Fabienne Gonay

A nice card received from Fabienne. The card is made from the paper of a chocolate box (you know the puffy paper you find in chocolate boxes ?) and real buttons sewed on it. Very nice.

My biggest fear

I decided to answer Corentine's mail art call about my biggest fear. I'm not afraid of being alone, but I'm afraid of dying alone... I used my signature frogs to illustrate it.

Received from David Stanley Aponte

David's sendings are always very interesting.

Who is Eduardo Munez (second sending)

When cleaning my hard disk I fund an envelope I made some times ago re-using the same design than one of my art journal page and that I had never used. So I decided to send it for the project Who is Eduardo Munez.

Sent to Nadine Lenain

Nadine has a call on Mare Antoinette. I sent her this cover. None of the girls on the cover are Marie Antoinette but I liked the result anyway.

Received from Mzia Valerian

A nice envelope and a nice collage received from Mzia Valerian.