My first pocket letter

If you are into paper crafting and snail mail exchange, you have probably already heard about pocket letters. If not you can learn about this concept created by Janette Lane on her blog ( Basically, this is a “letter” made of a plastic sheet containing nine pockets (similar to the one used to collect baseball card or even ATCs). Each of the pocket is decorated and eventually filled with goodies, of course one of the pockets contains the letter! I recently discussed this concept with one of my crafty penpals, Robin, and she had the very nice idea to send me one. On top of this she decided to use my absolute favorite stamp set from Tim Holz, the crazy birds. So here is the plastic sheet with the nine pockets and also the envelope she used to send it to me.  I think the final result is rather cute.

I replied with a pocket letter also but with a different concept. I forgot to scan it so I cannot share it with you but basically in my pocket letter, each pocket was filled with a small envelope (the size of an ATC, 2.5x3.5). Each envelope contains goodies or the letter. And each envelope is decorated with a part of a picture so that when put together it makes like a 9 pieces jigsaw.  I guess you get the idea.

Sent to Amy Rysavy

Amy Risavy is a card maker. She has a blog and a YouTube channel that I follow. I'm not a card maker but I love her videos. So I decided to send her a card and an envelope and as she loves coffee, the subject was easy to find ;-)

The envelope and the card have been made with the digital kit "But first coffee" from Alexis Design.

Received from Alzira Liliana Renata Zelinda

A spontaneous sending from Alzira who lives in Brazil.

Received from Toni Hanner

I recently exchanged some mail art with Toni that I "met" on IUOMA. Here is what she sent to me.

Received from Vesna Majer

A very nice envelope from Vesna from Croatia. On top of it this is a cover posted on the 29th of February.

Sent to Nadine Lenain

Nadine has a call on Japan and I sent her this envelope.

More 50 from Phillip Lerche

Phillip also sent me more 50 for my call. I love them all. Particularly the last one ;-)

Received from Hester Wright

A very nice card received from Hester Wright for my 50 mail art call.

Sent to Mike Deakin

I recently wrote to Mike Deakin to thank you for his work on the Mission Inspiration challenges. Here is the envelope I made for him, using a collage sheet that he sells on his Etsy shop.

Received from Kerosene

A very nice sending from Kerosene including a documentation for her Vanitas mail art call.

2016 Digital Art Journal : Grow

In 2016 mu digital art journaling activity will not be limited to the Mission Inspiration. In 2015 my art journal was entitled Dream. For 2016 the title will be Grow. And here is the title page.

For the reference this page was created with a digital kit called Growth from Artful Intentions.

Sent to Marco Simonelli

An envelope sent to my friend Marco.

Mail Me Some Art: Zodiac postcards swap

I haven't been very active on the recent swaps on Mail Me Some Art but I participated to the swap organized by Phillip Lerche on Zodiac cards.

I sent two cards.

And I received these very nice cards from Christie Juhasz (who carved herself the monkey rubber stamp) and from Dorothea Tortilla (I love the Chinese stamp).

Received from Armael Gallot and Marie Fenianos

Two contributions to my FIFTY mail art call received on the same day. The first one from Armael and the second one from Marie.

My sending for the March envelope swap

It's time to share with you the envelopes I sent for the March swap. I used a digital kit from Vinnie Pearce containing nice watercolors that I used on my envelopes.

Sent to Christophe Blaise

A new sending for the "teeth" mail art call from Christophe.

February swap : covers received

Received for the February swap a nice cover from Amy Garten:

A cute cover from Jean Wilson:

A cover with my name all around the envelope ;-) 

And a beauty from Rachael Thomas.

Next bunch from Philippe Charron

A new set of fantastic covers received from Philippe for my FIFTY mail art call.