My first pocket letter

If you are into paper crafting and snail mail exchange, you have probably already heard about pocket letters. If not you can learn about this concept created by Janette Lane on her blog ( Basically, this is a “letter” made of a plastic sheet containing nine pockets (similar to the one used to collect baseball card or even ATCs). Each of the pocket is decorated and eventually filled with goodies, of course one of the pockets contains the letter! I recently discussed this concept with one of my crafty penpals, Robin, and she had the very nice idea to send me one. On top of this she decided to use my absolute favorite stamp set from Tim Holz, the crazy birds. So here is the plastic sheet with the nine pockets and also the envelope she used to send it to me.  I think the final result is rather cute.

I replied with a pocket letter also but with a different concept. I forgot to scan it so I cannot share it with you but basically in my pocket letter, each pocket was filled with a small envelope (the size of an ATC, 2.5x3.5). Each envelope contains goodies or the letter. And each envelope is decorated with a part of a picture so that when put together it makes like a 9 pieces jigsaw.  I guess you get the idea.

1 commentaire:

  1. J'avais vu quelques letters comme ça (sur le net), mais je ne savais pas d'où elles venaient. Ça semble joli.