Frog cover from Florence Vogel

A cute frog couple and their baby on this cover from Florence Vogel as part of the May exchange.

Received from Leanne O'Sullivan

Nice envelope and card sent by Leanne for my FIFTY mail art call.

Received from Kerosene

A nice contribution from Kerosene to my FIFTY mail art call. 

Received from Dorothea Tortilla

A very nice gelli printed envelope and a cute collage from Dorothea for my FIFTY mail art call. Thank you so much.

Unicorn mail art call documentation

Last year I answered to a mail art call on Unicorns (see here my contribution) from Lynn de Zeeuw and I received this wonderful documentation. I show you the front cover and the back cover with a picture of Lynn. 

Gelli print: my second attempt

I made a second attempt to play with my gelli plate and I produced the following envelopes. For any reason I found they looked like a neuronal network or some body cells. I played a bit with the way the address was written, and as a result two of them came back to my house because the French post was not able to read the address of the destine! Bad luck... I had to resend them in a "normal" envelope...

A second sending

My first cover sent to Vincent was such a success that I decided to send him a second one.

Sent to Marco Simonelli

A cover sent to my friend Marco. I used a digital kit called "In the beginning" from Studio ViVa Artistry.

I definitively like using this new format of envelope!

About the usage of the stamp

Since I am into mail art I have been fighting with two major difficulties: how to integrate the address and the postage stamp in the design. I think I start to have solutions for the address but not yet for the stamp. Philippe Charron, who has sent me some absolute beauties as you could have seen on my blog, masters perfectly the art of integrating the stamp in the design of his envelope. Sometimes the stamp even disappears as it is so well integrated! Related to this point he recently asked me why I was mainly using definitive stamps (the one we call Marianne) on my envelope and not some of the numerous commemorative stamps that the French postal administration has issued so far. The question is even more valid when you know that I am a former philatelist (well I’m still a philatelist but I do not have time anymore to allocate to this hobby). I wanted to share with you the reasons I gave him. Because the topic of the stamp bothers me since a long time.

First I really like our current Marianne. I know it has been very criticized when it was issued but I really like it more than a lot of the previous ones. The main reason why I like it it’s because it is a drawing on a blank background, which I find better than the previous ones which were drawing in white on a colored background.

Second reason is that I like the work of Olivier Ciappa who is one of his creators.

Third reason is the size. It has a small size and therefore does not take too much space on the envelope. Commemorative stamps are all much wider and therefore cover a bigger portion of the envelope.

Fourth reason is that I do send mail art mainly outside France and even outside Europe. The French post issues a very low number of commemorative stamps with the facial value of a letter for outside Europe. So the choice is very reduced, and very often I do not like them. Alternative is to use several stamps with lower face value but them we are back to the problem of size and space taken by the stamps on the envelope…

And finally it is not so easy to integrate a stamp in a digital mail art. It requires a lot of trial and errors to make sure that once printed the design will fit perfectly with the design of the stamp.

But despite all this reason, I understood the question from Philippe as a challenge and I would like to acknowledge here this challenge. I’m going to try to create an envelope and to integrate a commemorative stamp in the design. I don’t know how long it will take me, but I will try. And I will share with you the result.

In the mean time, here is the envelope I sent to Philippe to give my answer.

2016 Mission Inspiration : May

Here is the time for a new Mission Inspiration from Mike Deakin. As usual let's start by the prompts. For may the ten steps have been defined by a guest, Trisch Rosema.

And then the page I created. I did not have time to create a step by step description for this one.

I spent last week in London and Brighton to celebrate my 50th birthday. And the first thing I saw when I arrived in London was an article saying "Life begins at 50"! I could not ignore the coincidence and I had to use this in a page. 
As the page is about myself, I added frogs as collage elements. Of course. 
For the blown paint I wanted the result to look like a dandelion but I did not succeed. At the end it looks more like a firework...

Spring comes softly

My boyfriend Vincent always complains that I get a lot of mails and he gets nothing. So I decided to show him that he is not right and I sent him this envelope. And as today is his birthday, happy birthday Vincent! I created the envelope using the Digital kit "Spring comes softly" from New life dreams designs (


When going through my digital stache I found some kits that I like but that I did not use so much. Like the one called "Dazzled" from Studio Rosey Posey. So I made these two envelopes. One for Isabelle Llor and the second one for Annick Shultheiss Brillant.

Postcard from Honi Chassin

A nice collage received from Honi Chassin.

Sent to Mzia Valerian

I called this envelope "birds". I'm quite happy with the dark green color of the background.

Sent to Ian the Off Kilter crafter

Ian is a crafter / You-tuber that I follow on YouTube. He loves Doctor Who so I made this envelope for him.

Received from Candy Wooding

A fantastic envelope and card sent by Candy Wooding. The scanned image does not give you a good idea of the texture that is due to the usage of paste paper. I love it Candy.

Travel series

A series of envelopes made with the Travel kit from Jen Maddocks design. 

The first one for Iryna Barysava.

The second one for Jaromir Svozilik.

The last one for Melanie Lucas.

More 50's from Phillip Lerche

Two new contributions from Phillip.

First an aerogram. Some times ago Phillip sent me the same aerogram but it arrived completely destroyed. It was sent in a plastic bag with a letter of apology from the French postal administration explaining that it had been destroyed by the sorting machine! Funny to think that these items that are made to be posted get destroyed by the postal machines! It is a sign that aerograms are not used anymore... So Phillip made a second attempt adding some piece of cardboard inside in order to make it more resistant. This time it arrived safely!

Then a cute letter and a wonderful postcard. The bear is so cute. 

Received from Eva Albiol

Eva sent me this nice envelope made of velum that contains a very nice knitted 50! Thank you Eva, I love it.

Sent to Phillip Lerche

A simple envelope made of a magazine page sent to Phillip Lerche

2016 Digital art journal : Fifty

Today is the day. The day when I get fifty! I can hardly understand how it happened so quickly. I’m not really bothered of aging. But fifty is an important milestone, in a man’s life. I remember that when I was young, I was computing that in 2000 I would be 34 and it looked to me very old ;-) Now we are 16 years after the year 2000 already. I would love to be able to say that I did not change. But this would not be true. At least physically time has brought more fat on some strategic parts of my body. And my eyes are declining, I need to wear glasses to read or write. But otherwise, deep inside, I have the feeling I haven’t changed so much.
I would like to take benefit of this post to thank everybody who has participated to my FIFTY mail art call, with a special thanks to Philippe Charron, Phillip Lerche and Jean Wilson. The call is open until the end of the year so there is still plenty of time for you to participate if you did not do it already.
At the occasion of my birthday I have decided to contribute to my own call, in the way of a digital art journal page. A simple one, with my signature frogs. Or course. And yes, you can check, there are fifty frogs on the page. As for all my art journal pages I will print this one in the form of a postcard and I will surely send it to some of you.
Now, “en route” to the next fifty years…

Received from Melanie Lucas

Melanie sent me this very nice envelope and card through the MMSA informal exchange. 

More 50's from Philippe Charron

Philippe is progressing quickly towards the 50 items! Look at all these beauties.