Sent to Corentine Granderue

Here is my contribution to Corentine's new call about imprisonment.

Sent to Therese Waryn

Therese likes cows, I like frogs. Let's mix them together.

Fifty from Phillip Lerche

Phillip shows us how the page of a calendar can become, with a simple modification, a contribution to my FIFTY mail art call.

And the nice matching stamps he used to mail it.

More envelopes using the Impressionist Transfers kit

As I wrote before, I love this kit from Studio Vinnie Pearce, so I had to make more envelopes. Here they are.

Received from Nancy Dickson

A very nice cover received from Nancy as part of the May exchange. I love the way she wrote the E and the B. 

Received from Vesna Majer

A wonderful hand drawn envelope received from Vesna.

Zodiac card

Answering to Moan Lisa's call on Zodiac (see here the details), I sent this postcard that I made re-suing a design that I already used in the past. (and yes I'm Taurus)

Sent to Leanne O Sullivan

I recently bought a letter writing set that was decorated with wonderful colorful birds. I decided to scan them and to re-use them on an envelope that I sent to Leanne.

Received from Corentine Granderue

Corentine sent me the documentation of her mail art call about "your biggest fear". It contains also her new mail art call : imprisonment.

Be wild

Since I have discovered thanks to Phillip the pleasure of making my own envelopes using magazine pages, I can not read a magazine anymore without thinking : would this page make a nice envelope? So I’m accumulating a big amount of magazines, in case of… Usually these are free magazines as the ones you can get in air lines lounges. Sometimes ago I found an Iberia magazine that had an article about Kevin Richardson, this guy who is known as The Lion Whisperer. The pictures included in the article were stunning and I thought they would make great envelopes.

So I just added a "be wild" sticker and here we go.

Received from Snappy and sent to Snappy

A nice card received from Snappy in his unique style.

On the same day, I sent him this envelope.

Sent to Guillaume Langou

Guilaume has a call on avaiation, so I decided to send him this envelope that I made re-using a design I saw on the Tera Callihan's blog (she does some nice mail art tutorial using ViVa Las Vegas rubber stamps).

As I happened to have almost all the stamps from Viva Las Vegas she used, I decided to replicate the envelope, but of course in a digital version.

More 50s from Phillip Lerche

Each of them is a nice surprise. More 50s from Phillip.

First a nice envelope with a fifty embedding the Taurus zodiacal symbol (I'm Taurus). Inside a nice composition with a map.

Then a nice labyrinth and a very nice card.

A glamorous envelope and a sparkling birthday card.

A batman envelope and a nice postcard.

A monkey one (I love this monkey head. So cute). And a monkey postcard.

An envelope sent on the day of my birthday,the 9th of May.

And another one.

A moon envelope and card. I laughed when I saw the "republif of France" that Phillip uses on the address to be able to find a O.

A clever postcard. The middle of the 0 is actually a hole.

And a smiley envelope, agein very clever...