The mistery of the missing number 29

In the last post where I have shared with you the latest items received from Phillipe Charron, you may have noticed that one was missing: the number 29 had not arrived whereas I had received up to number 34! It finally arrived, much later. And what is even more strange, is that on the back, there was a sitcker from the French postal administration indicating “sent back to sender because recipient does not live at this address”! And they had sent back to me, the recipient, and not to Philippe, the sender. Very strange no?

Anyway here it is, a nice illustration of spring honey!

2 commentaires:

  1. I obviously have not been paying attention, as I didn't realize this one was missing until now. I know there have been quite a few 'bis' envelopes :)

    I love that this one had its own extra adventure, even if it was a weird one.

  2. It's strange. But the adventure had a happy ending!