Digital art journal : Dreaming of the queen

Sometime there is a song that keeps playing in your head again and again. You wake up in the morning and you have it in your head  you go to bed in the evening and it is still here... For me, these days, this is a song from the PSB that occupies my mind. And I have no idea where this obsession comes from. It is called "Dreaming of the queen" and I keep singing the starting lyrics:
Dreaming of the queen
Visiting for tea
You and her and I
And Lady Di.

So I had to turn this "obsession" into a page of my digital art journal.

Received from Kerosene

A cute vintage postcard sent by Kerosene.

Received from Nasta Spencer

A very nice collage sent by a new contact from Russia, Nasta Spencer.

Received from Phillip Lerche

A new FIFTY from Phillip. As I'm a cheese lover I really appreciated this one ;-)

And I must admit that a "brie" called "Ile de France" and in a box that has the size of a "camembert", is very surprising for a French guy like me!

Received from Mike Deakin

I received this fantastic card from Mike Deakin. I know Mike had published a video on his YouTube channel where he shows hos he made this card but I could not find it back. Sorry for that.

Received from Jocelyne Depierre

A very nice sending from Jocelyne Depierre who used the art of quilling to create this envelope. I must admit that the scan does not pay tribute to this fabulous envelope.

Cute frog on a card from Hester Wright

A cute frog on a card sent by Hester. I suspect this is a recycled ad postcard? But I wonder what is the link between the frog and learning Spanish?

Sent to Phillip Lerche

Inspired by the postcard made from a cookie box lid that Phillip sent me, I made an envelope from a bag of madeleines, a very traditional French cake. And I could not resist to add a reference to Marcel Proust in the form of a vintage stamp and a quote that is the first sentence of his main work.

Received from Iryna Barysava

A very nice handmade postcard from Iryna. I love ocean themed mail art...

The land unknown

Continuing my series of mail art using vintage movie posters, here is an envelope I sent to Phillip Lerche with the poster of The Land Unknown.

2016 Mission Inspiration : July

Time has come for another Mission Inspiration journal page challenge from Mike Deakin. The ten steps for July mission are the following:

Here is my page, and here you can find the step by step description.

Do not hesitate to join Mission Inspiration Facebook group  and have fun with us ;-)

Being a hero isn't easy...

When I was young I loved watching peplum movies on TV. SO when I came across a website containing all sorts of posters of "vintage" movies, including peplum, I did not resist and I took one to make an envelope. The movie is "Goliath and the dragon" but I reworked a bit the design, as you can see.

Coloring pages, season II

Last year I made some envelopes using coloring pages that I have colored with my copic markers. I decided to git another try. My yello copic is getting dry... I ,need a new one...

Sent to Yva Lovee

Yva is an artist/YouTuber that I follow. I love her videos, I love her art. So I decided to send here an envelope. She likes bright colors, so I used bright colors...

And Yva was kind enough to show my letter in a video... Thank you Yva.

New FIFTY sending from Phillip Lerche

Phillip continues his sending of wonderful contributions to my FIFTY mail art call.

First a nicely postmarked envelope.

For some obscure reasons the postal service has sent back this envelope to Phillip instead of sending it to me, so Phillip sent it back to me using this nice envelope.

I love the stamps (that did not get postmarked ???) and the cute artistamp.

Then Phillip made a postcard using a cookie box lid (I wonder what has been done with the cookies ?). 

As he was afraid that it would not go safely through the postal service he used this nice envelope to send it (I love it).

And finally a very nice collage.

Sent to Marco Simonelli

My friend Marco was a fan of He Man when he was young. So when I saw the poster of this movie from 1987 (Masters of the universe) with Dolph Lungrend as He Man, I could not do something else than using it for an envelope.

Received from Fleur Helsingor

As a contribution to my FIFTY mail art call, Fleur sent me this wonderful envelope that contains fifty, yes fifty, fantastic translucent stickers picturing a frog. My scanner does not really pay a good tribute to the stickers, they are much better in real life.

Received from Ian the off kilter crafter

Some weeks ago I sent a "doctor who" envelope to Ian, the Off Kilter Crafter, on YouTube. Not only he published a video where he opened my letter, but he also sent me this fantastic Thank You card.

I love the cute sign on the back.

And the nice envelope he used to send the card.

Tribute to Prince

My tribute to Prince, sent to Phillip. The envelope is made with a magazine page that pictures a contact sheet of Prince when he was young.

Received from Honi Chassin

A very nice and textured postcard received from Honi Chassin.

Sent to Kerosene

A rather unusual (for me) envelope sent to Kerosene. I'm glad that it reached her without problem taking into account how the address is written.

The background is a gelli print that I made ages ago and that I finally scanned to use it in an envelope.

2016 Digital art journal : Be unique

When I started to work, many many years ago, I worked for a software development company. I was surrounded by colleagues wearing dark suits and dark ties. This was not really my style. I was used to wear more colorful clothes. As an example I could wear a red bow tie, red braces and a blue jean. I was feeling a bit "different" but it was ok for me. Until the day my boss explained me that we were not "at a fashion show" and asked me to wear clothes that matched more the ones of my colleagues... I guess this journal page is a souvenir from this period.