Paper bags...

It seems that, without any sort of premeditation, a “thematic series” has started in my exchanges with Phillip: envelopes made from paper bags. Paper bags are more and more replacing plastic bags (in fact in France it is now forbidden for a store to give plastic bags), and it is a good opportunity to recycle them into envelopes and mail art items.

Here is an envelope I received from Phillip, made from a crocs store bag.

It is a pity that somebody in the postal service has stroke the stamps with a black pen...
I don’t know if Phillip made it on purpose (I’m sure he did) but look how the “O” is placed in the middle of the flap on the verso side.

And on my side I sent him an envelope made from a bag from the London Hard Rock Café shop.

I’m sure there are more bags to come in this series!

Received from Tara Dactyl

Tara is a Youtuber that I follow and she published a very good video where she made postcards using a sort of mosaic or patchwork of paper. At the end of the video she had a giveaway and I was one of the winners, so she sent me one of the cards. Here it is. I will for sure try this technique.

More FIFTIES from Phillip

I know, I know. I have written that I have already received fifty items from Phillip for my FIFTY mail art call. It was not completely true. I have received the 50th envelope (i.e. the envelope sent by Phillip in 50thposition) but some intermediate numbers had not reached me yet, like this envelope with wonderful and fantastic postmark which just arrived.

August exchange: second envelope received

A second envelope came for the August exchange, this time coming from Jean Wilson. Look at all these stamps!

A beautiful cow from Nadine Lenain

A very nice watercolor from Nadine Lenain to illustrate the letter V (cow in French is vache).

H is for Happy Birthday

Micu, from Hungary, invited me to participate to a nice mail art project for her friend Nicole. The idea was to ask different artists to send a postcard illustrating one letter. All cards put together would write Happy Birthday. I was lucky to get the first letter, the H. Here is what I sent.


This year we celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Popular Front of 1936 that marked a big step in the strengthening of social rights in France. A lot of newspapers have articles about it. I found one with some nice illustrations reminding the style of this period. I used them to make two envelopes.

Brief encounter

A very cute collaged postcard sent by Nicole Eippers picturing the encounter of two cute frogs.

August exchange, first item received

After a short break the envelope exchanges organized by Jean and Jan are restarting. I’m still working on my own envelopes to send (I did not anticipate the time I would need to complete what I had in mind… but I will tell more later) but I have already started to receive the first envelope, which comes from Jannie Börk. A very nice envelope and a very nice card.

Sent to Eva Albiol

I continue my series about old movies from my youth for this envelope sent to Eva. This time I selected one of my top favorite sci-fi movies of all times : Forbidden planet.

Recycled envelope sent to Guillaume Langou

It seems I am in a recycling mood lately. I’m making envelopes with paper bags and other stuff. And I’m recycling envelopes I got into the mail. This envelope sent to Guillaume for his Aviation call is made with a part of an envelope that the French postal administration used to send me their postage stamps catalogue. More recycling to come in the next weeks/months…

Sent to Raphael'L

An envelope made using some digital collage elements that I got on Mike Deakin website.

Say cheese

I love cheese. And in France we say that we have so many cheeses that you can eat different ones every day for one complete year! I'm not sure this is true. Here is just a small selection on an envelope sent to Phillip.

There must be an angel

A digital collage sent to Nasta Spencer.

Mission Inspiration 2016 : August

This is the time for a new Mission Inspiration. For August, Mike Deakin has been helped by Shel C to define the ten prompts. Here they are:

After a lot of hesitation and thinking I ended up with this page. Not my favorite one, I must admit but fun to do anyway. Step by step description is available here.

Sent to Jocelyne Depierre

Jocelyne, who sent me a very nice envelope with frogs, loves Thailand, among other things. I made this envelope for her using a part of an illustration of an article about Thailand in the British airway magazine that you get in the plane. As I worked on both side of the envelope, I’m showing you both.

Be strong

Sometimes you need to be patient. A long time ago, I made some attempts to play with my newly bought gelli plate. I produced a lot of prints, some of them that I liked and some of them that I did not like. I put all the ones I did not like in a folder and started to forget about them. Then several months later (even one year later) I looked at these prints once again and, at least one of them attracted my attention. I finally liked it a bit more than the others. I decided to make an envelope with it, and then I was pleased with the result. But it needed something more and I did not know what. So I put this envelope in my “biscuit box” that I use to store all my unused envelopes (for the record this is a star wars themed box in metal with an embossed Darth Vader portrait ;-) ). And it stayed there for again several months. Until I decided to try to add some collage elements on it and I finally came out with this envelope that I sent to Phillip.

Received from Phillip Lerche

As an answer to my weather forecast postcard Phillip sent me this enigmatic stamped postcard

The mailman

Answering to Tulio Peraz who sent me a contribution for my FIFTY mail art call, I’m answering to Tulio’s call “the mailman” with this postcard.

Pink is an attitude

Postcard sent to Tofu for his PINK mail art call.

Received from Marie Fenianos

Marie sent me this nice collage as a second contribution for my FIFTY mail art call.

Tomorrow's weather

At the end of July I spent a weekend in London to attend to the best concert I have ever seen from the Pet Shop Boys. It was held at the Royal Opera House, a fantastic place. During this weekend I was lucky enough to stay at a luxurious hotel, where you have two room cleaning services per day: one in the morning and one in the evening. During the evening service, they put a card on your pillow to tell you the weather forecast for the next day. The card is made of a sturdy cardboard, it is illustrated on one side and blank on the other side, and it has a format approaching the one of a postcard. So with my obsession to see “mailable” items everywhere, I decided that I could use this card as a postcard, and therefore I sent this souvenir of my weekend to Phillip.

Received from Tulio Peraza

A nice contribution to my FIFTY mail art call from Tulio Peraza. 

Here is the nice envelope that I received with a cute faux stamp on the verso.

And the mail art call from Tulio.

Sent to Nadine Lenain

Nadine likes Japan, so I made this envelope using a picture of Mt Fuji found in a magazine.

Received from Nadine Lenain

Nadine combines my ABC call with my FIFTY mail art call.

Received from Lisa Preis

A nice sending from Lisa for my FIFTY mail art call.

Sent to Nicole Eippers

Sent to Nicole who loves pigs.

Received from Bertha Greschak

From Bertha Greschak for my FIFTY mail a rt call.

Postcard sent to Erica Duncan, and a checkpoint

Two different topics for my post of today. 

First one is a postcard I sent to Erica Duncan. While browsing various Mail Art groups on Facebook I saw a call from her about postcard containing a word, so I made a postcard illustrating the word STRONG, using a picture from a vintage bodybuilding magazine.

Then the second topic is in fact a checkpoint. On the 1st of February this year I have decided to start a Mail Art 365 project. For those who are no familiar with this concept, the idea is to create one piece of mail art per day for 365 days (hence the name ;-) ). The point is not necessarily to do something EVERYDAY, but you can create three pieces on the same days and then nothing for the next two days. The objective is that at the end of the full year you have made 365 pieces of mail art. I did not advertise this on my blog before because I forgot. I’m also not publishing my creations on the Mail Art 365 blog because I think one blog is enough (even though I do not necessarily publish everything I create in my blog, I make a selection). I’m counting all the ATCs, postcards, envelopes and Art Journal page (that I transform into postcards) as part of my 365 project. So where am I today? 4th of August is the 186th day of my project and I have created so far 191 pieces of mail art (yeah !). So I’m ahead of my objective which is good because I know I won’t be able to create something in the next days.

As I am more or less at the middle of the path, this is time to check what I have learned so far from this experience.

First of all, I realize that I’m much more productive when I have deadlines. This is something I have noticed at work. In my job I’m used to work under the pressure of deadlines, and I have always been better in the “urgency” of the last hours/minutes. This seems to be the same for my mail art activity: when I have plenty of time I am less efficient and I end up losing a lot of time thinking about ideas, looking for digital material. 

Second point is that my creative mood does not always come when it should ;-) Very often I sit in front of my PC with plenty of time to create and nothing comes. Other times when I’m in the public transports (which is quite often) I suddenly have the head full of ideas to explore. So I have taken the habit to not all ideas that come in such moment so that I can explore it late.

And finally, this project required that I develop a (simple) numbering system to keep track of how many items I was producing. So I started a list of items that I create, to whom they were sent and when. This list is kept in a notebook, which satisfies my other addiction about notebooks (but this is another story). I’m sure I will keep numbering and listing my creations even after the 365 project is over.

So “rendez-vous” on the 31st of January 2017 to check if I have succeeded to complete the Mail Art 365 project (well in my case it will be Mail Art 366 since 2016 is bissextile). 

Received from Kendall Reid

A very mice card sent by Kendall for my FIFTY mail a rt call.

The world is a jungle

Continuing my series using old movies posters, now it's time for Tarzan. Despite all the new version, for me, Tarzan will be Johnny Weissmuller for ever.... So here is my cover sent to David Stanley Aponte.

Fiftieth FIFTY from Phillip Lerche

Let's start the new month with the fiftieth FIFTY (!!!!!!)  sent by Phillip Lerche. A fantastic one, and a nice frog card.

Thank you so much Phillip!