What is the problem with the French post ?

Since the beginning of the year I had four times an envelope that I sent to USA, returned to me without any obvious reasons. Each time the envelope was properly addressed, with the address fully readable. So I cannot understand why the envelope was sent back to me, without even leaving France, obviously. This is really frustrating. When you see the increasing cost of posting a letter, you may expect a better service. At least, if there is a problem, they could put a sticker explaining what is the problem (but I suspect that there is no problem, just lack of attention of the postal clerks…).

Why do I speak about that? Because this happened again with this letter I sent to Phillip. I had to resend it in another envelope. I hope this times it has reached its destination.

And I know Phillipe Charron had the same misadventure with letters sent to me…

September exchange: back to school

September is the month when kids go back to school (at least in France, because I know they go back earlier in some other countries). So even if I’m not a kid anymore (well it was not so long time ago…) I selected this “back to school” theme for my September exchange, using the digital kit “Home room” from Jean Maddocks Design.

Received from Dame Mailarta

Some times ago I sent a set of twelve self portrait ATCs to Dame Mailarta for a call. In return I received this fantastic collection of twelve ATC (including one of mine) in a plastic cover.

September exchange: letter from Jean Rothfusz

Another letter from the September exchange. This time from Jean Rothfusz.

One more FIFTY from Philippe Charron

The image does not pay tribute to this sending from Philippe Charron. I scanned the envelope as I received it, but in fact the whole front unfolds to get a nice 3D effect. I guess Philippe used a 3D birthday car to make this envelope.

Received from Honi Chassin

A colladged postcard from Honi.

A new FIFTY from Philippe Charron

After a summer break Philippe Charron has restarted seding me contributions for my FIFTY mail art call. Here is one made from a magazine page.

September exchange : from Rachael Thomas

I haven't finished my own envelope but I already start receiving some envelopes for the September exchange. The first one is this absolutely fabulous envelope from Rachael. 

Moulin rouge

The atmosphere of the Moulin Rouge recreated for Nicole who loves pigs.

Traditional Japan

Some traditional Japanese icons on an envelope I sent to Nadine Lenain.

Catching up

I have been late in answering to some of my mail art contacts so I decided to catch up a bit. And as it has been a while since last time I used a digital kit to make envelopes, I decided to make a series using the kit “Bricolage 101” from Jen Maddocks design.

First one to Dorin.

Second one to Mustafa.

Third one to Iryna.

Fourth one to Fleur.

And the last one to Hester.

Monkeys !

A very nice monkey sent by Philippe Charron.

Live in color

Continuing my recycling process I made two envelopes from a gift bag that I got. I loved the colors on this bag and the paper was really thick, making very sturdy envelopes.

Mission Inspiration : September 2016

Time has come for another Mission Inspiration from Mike Deakin. Here are the ten prompts of the mission.

And here is a link to the Mike’s video.

I can hardly believe this is already the 9th mission that we fulfill in this mission inspiration group! Time is flying. Here is my page, and here you can find the (now) usual step by step description.

More FIFTY from Phillip Lerche

Phillip sent me another fantastic postmark for my FIFTY call.

August exchange

Well, I have been late this month to participate to the exchange organized by Jean and Jan, I sent my envelopes on the very last day of August. The reason is that it took me much more time than I had expected to realize the four envelopes. I had decided to surf on the wave of “coloring” which is very trendy these days. And I wanted to do something like what we call in French a “lettrine”, i.e. an illustrated initial (I have no idea how it is called in English). I found some nice coloring pages picturing all letters of the alphabet. I hesitated a lot between printing them and coloring them with my Copic markers, or coloring them digitally. I finally chose the digital solution, but it was much longer that what I thought. I intended to do something more sophisticated, with shading, but finally I did a simple coloring due to lack of time. Anyway here are the four envelopes I sent.

Sent to E ambassador of Utopia

Postcard sent to E for the mail art call "migrants".

Received from Tofu

Nice sending from Tofu as an answer to my contribution to the pink mail art call.

Received from Phillip Lerche

First a very cute postcard with a cow.

Then a very nice envelope made of kraft paper.

Inside this nice card.

August exchange : received from Rachael Thomas

A very nice envelope from Rachael as part of August exchange.

Postcard from Micu

A cute postcard made by Micu. She sent it in an envelope with a nice set of stamps!

Monkeys everywhere

A very nice envelope full of monkeys sent by Phillip. Even the stamp is a monkey (yes there is a stamp. No easy to see at first glance). Don’t forget, if this is not already done, to participate to Phillip’s call on the year of the monkey.


Summer is slowly reaching an end, but I wanted to make it last a bit more through this series of envelopes made from pages of a magazine that picture beaches taken from above.