Happy Halloween

Today is Halloween so time for me to share this envelope and card sent to Phillip. The envelope is made from a paper bag from an Indian company that I embellished a bit.

All you need is love

Answering a mail art call about love and hearts  I created this postcard using part of the lyrics of the song “Heart” from… guess who… the Pet Shop Boys.

FIFTY received from Elena Signori

Elena sent me a charming contribution for my FIFTY call.

(Sun)Flowers make me happy

Here is my contribution to a mail art call about happinessFlowers always make me happy, and more particularly sun flowers. The ones I used on the envelope come from a digital collage sheet I got from Mike Deakin’s website.

Monkeys/Zombies from Phillip

A nice card from Phillip in answer to my contribution to his Year of the monkey mail art call.

October exchange: my envelopes

October means Halloween, so I could not choose another topic for my envelopes for the October exchange organized by Jean and Jan. All envelopes are made using the digital kit Scary night from SussieM designs.

2016 Digital art journal: rise by lifting others up

For this page I wanted to recreate a sort of “street art” effect, something à la Banksy. I’m not yet fully satisfied by the result, so I will continue working on this effect.
I saw the quote on a black board in a coffee shop of Sydney, when I was there for holidays a bit less than two years ago (so long ago… I miss Sydney). I remember that the quote was written with chalk on the board and there was a beautiful rising bird, also hand drawn. It was very nice. And the waiter at the coffee shop told me he was the one who had done it and that every day he would make a new drawing and a select a new quote. It was his first task in the morning.

Received from Fleur Helsingor

A nice envelope from Fleur with a card inside with the same design.

A new paper bag sent to Phillip Lerche

Yes another piece in my exchange of envelopes made from paper bags with Phillip. This one was a larger bag so it gave a A4 size envelope. I let you guess which company the bag is coming from? 

Maritime inspiration

A series of envelopes with a maritime inspiration that I made using the "Seaside" digital kit from Jen Maddocks design.

September exchange envelope and one from August

This should be one of the last envelopes from the September exchange coming from Florence Vogel.

And also a late one from August exchange coming from Cindy.

The incredible shrinking man

Continuing my series on old movies from my youth, I sent this envelope to Iryna. The incredible shrinking man is one of the movies that impressed me a lot when I was young. The special effects were quite good for the time, of course they would look a bit outdated today. I’m surprised that there hasn’t been any modern remake of this movie (or maybe there is one and I’m not aware?).

Received from Iryna Barysava

A very nice collaged postcard from Iryna.

Received from Jocelyne Depierre

A nice collage from Jocelyne Depierre.

My tracking tools

We are Sunday and I decided to share something different, today. Since many years now, I do receive a lot of mail. First because I was a philatelist and I would receive mail from all over the world, and then because I’m into mail art. There are days when my mail box stays empty but they are quite rare. As a counterpart, I also send a lot of mail.Few years ago I decided that it would be good to track the mail that I receive and I send. I started to do that without method but finally I very quickly focus on writing down everything, everyday, in a notebook. I tried several types of notebooks and finally I opted for a pocket size one as it is easy to carry with me. I recently selected the Field Notes brand that I rather like. And just for the fun, I decided to embellish my notebook a bit. So here is the one I’m currently using to record my mail, received and sent.

But I also found out that I needed to track my blog update. Many of the posts of this blog are written in advance and are scheduled to be published automatically. I needed to track the list of posts to come to make sure I did not forget to publish any item on my blog. For this I decided to use also a notebook. This time I use one of the Word Notebooks with their specific “bullet” list format. And again I embellished it a bit.

And last but not least, I need to track the tasks to be done for my mail art activity. Again I selected a Word Notebook for that and made some collage as for the others.

I know what you think. How does it come that a computer geek like me, someone who creates 99% of his mail art on computer, still uses notebooks to track ideas and lists. Well I must confess that despite my love for computer I love even more paper. I love writing on paper. I love filling a notebook with endless lists. I love the little pleasure of reaching the “staple day”. I have a notebook addiction I must confess. I have plenty of them at home, from various brands: Field Notes, Word Notebooks, Write Notepads, Calepino and Moleskin… So tracking my life in these notebooks gives me a reason to have them!

What about you? Do you maintain lists also of what you need to do? I would be happy to hear about your own experience and what tools you use for that.

Cake is all you need

I love cakes. I love deserts in general. Which makes it even more difficult to keep my waistline. My favorite cake is the Paris-Brest made of choux pastry and praline cream. I also love the Mille-feuille (called Napoleon in English I think). So when I saw some nice pictures of cakes and tarts in my cooking magazine, I could not resist and I used them for envelopes to some of my penpals.

Sent to Willemien Viesser

Willemien has a mail art call on fishes. Here is the contribution I sent.

Sent to Thérèse Waryn

I found this nice cow on a vintage ad and thought it would be good to use it on an envelope for Thérèse who likes cows. For any reason my scanner gave a much darker image than what it is, sorry for that.

FIFTY from Philippe Charron

A new FIFTY in the series from Philippe Charron, illustrating also my favorite sport, rugby.

Received from Nancy Dickson

Here is Nancy's envelope for September exchange.

Sent to Marco Simonelli

I got this image for free on I-do-not-remember-which website so I decided to use it for an envelope. And it gave me a good opportunity to use the often hated “Comic Sans MS” font.

Mission Inspiration 2016: October

This is the time for a new mission inspiration and as we are in October, the inspiration is widely linked to Halloween. First of all, here are the ten prompts as proposed by Mike Deakin, well not exactly as they have been provided by a guest, Linda Simpson.

Before starting this mission I hesitated a lot between a “spooky” Halloween page, or a cute/funny one. I could not decide, so I chose to make two pages. 
For this month I did not have the time to write a proper step by step description, sorry for that.

So here is the first page, the cute one with a cute Halloween kitty.

And the second one, using a quote from Dr Who that I already used and that I will surely re-use again in the future!

Gare au gorille...

I realized that I still had time to send some contribution to Phillip for his “year of the monkey” mail art call, so when I came across a vintage ad with a cute gorilla on it I decided to use it. But to do something different I decided that this time I wouldn’t do any digital collage, but a real collaged envelope, using pieces taken from magazines. This is my first fully collaged envelope and I’m pretty happy about it. For the non French speaking readers, “Gare au gorille” means “Beware the gorilla” and is part of the lyrics of a very famous French song from Georges Brassens. 

I also made a card, using the same gorilla and a recycled card made from an ad for Nespresso.

Little fishies sent to Hester wright

I needed to send some stuff to Hester, so I designed this envelope using the digital kit “The deep” from Studio Dawn Inskip.

Sent to Kerosene

I recently made some Halloween cards for a swap (I will share them later on this blog) and motivated by the Halloween mood I made this envelope for Kerosene, using the digital kit “Spooks” from Jean Maddocks Design. It came out much darker than I expected and so is the scanned image…

Received from David Stanley Aponte

A nice postcard received from David. I scanned both sides as they are both very interesting.

Sent to Mike Deakin, and a new digital art journal page

Another envelope in my “old movies series”, this time using part of the poster of the movie “This island Earth”. I must admit that I had almost forgotten this movie, even though I liked it a lot when I was younger. And Mike mentioned it in a comment on my Facebook page. So it gave me the idea to use it on an envelope and of course it was natural to send it to Mike!

The envelope was used to send a page of my digital art journal to Mike. Indeed, I realized that my journal pages are often a bit too serious and I wanted to produce a funny one. I had the idea to use one of “mini mike”, the digi stamps I got from Mike’s website.  At the same time I came across the title of this movie “On Wednesdays we wear pink” (movie that I haven’t seen). So one plus one made two and I created this page.

Sent to Hagitha Krystal

I have recently discovered a blog from a new comer in Mail art, Hagitha Krystal and I have decided to send her an envelope that I created using a digital kit from the Bricolage series from Jen Maddock design (I think I used Bricolage 103). 

Paper bag received from Jean Wilson

For the September swap, Jean has joined the club of people who use paper bags to make envelopes and has sent me this very nice one.