Sent to Mike Deakin, and a new digital art journal page

Another envelope in my “old movies series”, this time using part of the poster of the movie “This island Earth”. I must admit that I had almost forgotten this movie, even though I liked it a lot when I was younger. And Mike mentioned it in a comment on my Facebook page. So it gave me the idea to use it on an envelope and of course it was natural to send it to Mike!

The envelope was used to send a page of my digital art journal to Mike. Indeed, I realized that my journal pages are often a bit too serious and I wanted to produce a funny one. I had the idea to use one of “mini mike”, the digi stamps I got from Mike’s website.  At the same time I came across the title of this movie “On Wednesdays we wear pink” (movie that I haven’t seen). So one plus one made two and I created this page.

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