2016 Mission inspiration: November

It’s time for a new Mission Inspiration from Mike Deakin. I don’t know how is the weather in your part of the world's, but after a very nice October month in Paris, we start to have cold weather, rain and dead leaves everywhere. Therefore, the autumnal inspiration of this month prompts is very appropriate. Let’s have a look to the ten prompts:

And then the page I made. I did not have time to make a step by step description, but below the picture you will find some information about my process.

First of all, as you can see, this is the first time I have used a quote in French. This quote I used is the last part of the poem “Chanson d’automne” (Autumn song) from Paul Verlaine. This poem is extremely famous in France, I think we all learned it at school, may be because of the role it played in the WWII ending. Translated loosely in English, the prompt means: And I go, blown by the wind, to and fro, as a dead leaf. Autumn always reminds me of this poem. It is very nostalgic as Autumn is…
The focal image for step 8 is the black silhouette of the umbrella man rubber stamp from Tim Holtz, stamped and scanned.
The nature elements for step 4 come from the digital kit “Hello fall” from Natali design. I also used leaf shaped brushes from this kit for the marks in step 3.
Finally, in step 5, I did not use book text fragments, but fragments from a letter written and illustrated by Paul Verlaine himself.

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