A new envelope in the old movies series

To continue my series about old movies from my youth, here is an envelope illustrated with the poster from “The creature of the black lagoon”. I remember that this movie was the first one (I think) that was given on French TV in 3D! This was a long time ago and I remember that weeks before there had been a buzz around this 3D effect. The TV newspapers were sold together with the needed cardboard glasses (you know the ones with a red eye and a blue eye?). Everybody was very excited about it, including myself. And the day came and I could see nothing with the 3D glasses (I have a big unbalance between the left and the right eyes, so I don’t think these 3D glasses can work for me). So I removed the glasses and watch the movie in traditional 2D (you had to do something to the color settings of your TV set to be able to see it clear without the glasses). Anyway I have completely forgotten the movie, I don’t think it was really good. But I wanted it anyway to be part of my series. So here is the cover that I sent to Jon. 

1 commentaire:

  1. I caught the end of this film on a classic movie channel recently - I can add my opinion that the movie is pretty bad, and the creature laughable, even for back then.

    Makes for a much better envelope, though!