FIFTY: a failed attempt

Phillip tried to send me another nicely postmarked envelope for my FIFTY mail art call but it seemed there was a timing issue and the cancelling service sent him back the envelop indicating that the postmark was no more available. 

Here is the initial envelope that Phillip wanted to get postmarked.

And here is the cute sticky note that was stuck on the envelope sent back to Phillip.

Phillip sent me the whole in a handmade envelope that he has done using a “folder” (I guess this is what it is called) that I had sent him before. This folder come from the packaging of a letter writing set from the company Quire. This company produces deluxe paper and they package their letter writing sets in folders bearing the same design than the paper. This one was decorated with butterflies so Phillip used nice matching stamps!

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  1. Another blogging coincidence today - I have also written about a fifty fail.