Sent to Susan Stewart

I recently got three free paper bags in a magazine that I read from time to time (Flow magazine). I decided to use them as basis for envelopes, of course. Here is the first one that I sent to Susan. I customized the bag using my metallic Sharpies (I’m impressed by the quality of the metallic Sharpies compared to a lot of metallic markers I have used so far…) in gold, silver and copper. The result is better in real life, as usual the scanner does not really like metallic shimmer. I also added some of my thin washi tape that I have since ages.

I also sent to Susan one of my recent ATC.

Lots of paper bags received

I have such a backlog in blogging all contributions to my paper bag mail art call, that I’m grouping some of them into the same post.
First two items from new contributors. The first one if from Manuel Xio Blanco, from Spain.

The second one is from Ruggero Maggi from Italy.

Then a sending from Connie Jean, from USA.

A nice dreamcatcher from Jocelyne Depierre from France.

And finally a bunch of seven (yes seven !) items from Uwe Klein from Germany. The last one is made from a vacuum cleaner bag! This is a first! (but you will see in a later post that this is not the only one).


I decided to answer to a mail art call I saw on Instagram. The theme was free. I don’t know why, but I felt like coming back to some techniques I used when I started doing mail art. So I made thsi flower envelope.

Frogs from Fabienne Lebaron

Some very cute frogs received from Fabienne. Also included was a very nice Origami frog that I could not scan. I have a big fan of Origami but I have never succeeded making an Origami frog. Well done Fabienne (and Merci beaucoup).

More paper bags sent

Trying to catch up with all the answers I have to send for my mail art call, I sent two envelopes made from the lateral sides of a Body Shop bag. One side had a text in French, so I sent it to Christiane. The other side had the same text in English, I sent it to Uwe.

Also I’m still playing with some Starbucks bags, for this envelope sent to Philippe Charron.

Received from Elena Signori

A very nice handmade postcard from Elena. You cannot see it on the scan but the card has some 3D effect.

October PTE Exchange: two beauties

Two envelopes received as part of the PTE exchange. The first one, with a Halloween theme, is from Tina Morgan. I just love it.

The second one is from Jean, the host of the exchange. Look at this beautiful calligraphy…

A bunch of items from Christiane Hurel and her mail art call

I’m very late in blogging the very nice items I have received in the last weeks or months. Here is a bunch of items that I got from Christiane:

First two envelopes made from paper bags.

Then two envelopes made from a magazine page.

Also Christiane is launching her first mail art call. Here is the text in French, and my translation. She wil be very happy to receive your creations.

You live… in the clouds… with your two feet on earth ?
  • How do you escape ?
  • Which element do you use from the landscape around you, from arts, from history, from nature that you love ?
  • I’d like to know you, the artist, that, may be, I will only meet through your mail art
  • Size of the envelope : 22x25 cm
  • Stamp integrated into the design if possible
  • Free technique
  • No return
  • Deadline : 31st of May 2018
  • Please provide your name, address, country, email

Thank you and see you soon. Chris
Send to
Christiane Hurel
Schepersweg 94
3621 JM Breukelen

Costa Coffee bag

Two envelopes made from a Costa Coffee paper bag that I got in London and that I sent from London. I also added some of my recent washi tape purchase

Exchange with Nadine Lenain

Nadine sent me this nice contribution made from a bakery paper bag.

In answer, I sent an envelope made from a Starbucks paper bag coming from Japan and I also sent a postcard that I made using a Japanese catalog.

Received from Susan Stewart

Susan sent me a paper bag contribution that has a very unusual shape. It is rather long and narrow, but it arrived without any problems.

And inside there was this very nice bookmark.

Sent to Pascale Championnet

To answer her contributions here are two paper bag envelopes that I sent to Pascale, plus a bonus ATC on Halloween theme.

Mission Inspiration November 2017

It is the time for a new Mission Inspiration from Mike Deakin. Here are the prompts for November.

And here is the page I made. The quote is from Oscar Wilde.