Sent to Nicole Eippers

Nicole has sent me a nice paper bag envelope for my call, so I sent her as an answer an envelope made from a brown bag that I embellished a bit with some pigs!

Received from Kerosene

A lovely sending from Kerosene.

La Felicidad, certificate of participation

Some time ago I participated to the “Happiness” mail art call (click here to see my contribution). In return I received this certificate of participation plus a wonderful art piece from Antonia Mayol Castello.

Received from Fabiene Lebaron

A second very nice contribution from Fabiene.

La linea

I don’t know if this cartoon was famous everywhere but I liked it when I was a kid. It is called “La Linea” indicating clearly that it came from Italy. I recently read an article about it and it gave me the idea for an envelope. And of course, Marco seemed to be the right person to send it to.

Incoming from Phillip Lerche

Here are three very nice items received from Phillip.

First, a fantastic bag from the Warhol store located in Pittsburg. The bag is very nice and look at these stamps! None of them got cancelled, unfortunately, but this is always better than a black marker cancel!

And then two iconic symbols of America: McDonald’s and Starbuck’s! I love the matching colors between the stamps and the bags.

Phillip sent me also a very nice piece of one of his collage.

Sent to Jocelyne Depierre

To answer Jocelyne’s contribution, I used a simple brown paper bag to make an envelope and I embellished it a bit around the theme of “hat”, one of her favorite themes. I used some of my washi tape, a stencil from Tim Holtz and some collage element.

Received from Nancy Dickson

A new contribution from Nancy to my Paper bag mail art call, with a very nice way to write my name and the address. Fantastic result.

Birds, birds, birds…

Being busy answering all the nice paper bag contributions, I must admit that I haven’t much time left for my more “traditional” digital mail art activity. I nevertheless made recently two envelopes picturing birds using the Bricolage digital kit from Jen Maddocks Design. One for Adrienne.

And one for Simon.

Received from Corinne Parchantour

I haven’t exchanged with Corinne since quite some time so I was happy to receive her contribution for my new call. She used a bag from Mango which is a clothes shop, I think? I like the way she played with the “Man” and the “Go”.

Received from Jeanne Marie Roch

A new contact sent me this very nice contribution. Jean Marie must have known I like wines ;-) And look at this gorgeous wax seal that traveled without any issue through the postal system. Sometimes the French Post does good things…

Happy Easter

Micu sent me this cute handmade Star Wars Easter card. A happy easter I wish to you.

Exchange with Robin Moore

The last letter I sent to Robin was sent in an envelope made from a paper bag I got at the Buckingham Palace shop. This does not show very well on the scan but the bag has a golden color. It would have been better to send this envelope from the UK but unfortunately I did not think of it…

Robin answered me with an envelope made from a brown paper bag that she decorated with the new “hipster” stamps from Tim Holtz. I just love the result.

And my answer was sent in a bag I painted and stamped.

Received from Jean Wilson

Jean used a paper bag from Taco John’s for this very nice contribution. I love the way she embedded the addresses in the logo.

Received from Thérèse Waryn

A nice contribution from Thérèse. A very nice bag, and that fits very well the recycling theme.

More paper bag envelopes from me

Answering to some of the contributors I have recently sent a bunch of new envelopes made from bag.

First to Carroll Davies I sent an envelope made from a bag from Whittard. I visit one of the Whittard shops each time I go to London to buy some herbal tea that I love (You know the type of infusion you drink to have a good sleep. Usually I fall asleep 15 mn after drinking it! Very efficient). The flowers are coming from the bag, but I colored them using my Copic markers.

To Sarah and Lisa I send more envelopes made from a “Good things inside” Body Shop bag.

To Jean I send the second envelope I made from Hester’s bag.

To Nanou, I sent one of my envelope made from a brown bag that I panted and stamped.

And another one for Chantal.

To Philippe Charron, I reused the second part of a pharmacy bag I had used for a previous sending.

To Corinne I sent an envelope made from a bag from a home deco store in Paris, called Maisons du Monde (houses of the world). I love the combination black and kraft. Their bags are very nice and strong. They make perfect paper for an envelope.

To Ursu, I sent another envelope made from a bag you get with bread. This one had an ad for a real estate company. I’m quite pleased with the good match I found between the bag and the stamp!

And finally to Phillip, an envelope made from a bag coming from a Korean restaurant.

Received from Phillip Lerche

Phillip sent me an envelope made for a butcher paper used to wrap meat. Interestingly my father was a butcher (well more precisely a pork butcher). But he never used such cool paper I must say. And I like the black markings. And look how the color of the stamps matches the one of the paper !