Received from Elena Signori

Elena sent me this nice handmade card with a cute frog.

Received from Therese Waryn

Two conversing frogs on this nice card received from Therese.

Received from Nicole Eippers

Nicole always sends me very nice collages. This card is no exception with a precious frog surfing on a water lily.

Received from Phillip Lerche

A very cute envelope and card received from Phillip. I love those birds…

January exchange

Last time I sent an envelope to Phillip picturing an ad from the chocolate company Menier, I got a nice request from Jean, the host of the “Pushing the envelope” blog who is also organizing our monthly exchanges, to get a similar one. So for January I decided to make an envelope for Jean, using a newer version of the Menier chocolate ad.

Then I decided to go one with vintage ads for the other envelope.

Here if the one for Hester.

Here is the one for Kate.

Here is the one for Cathy.

And the final one for Carol, using a famous champagne ad.

I think this closes my series of envelopes using vintage ads!

Paper bag from Iryna Barysava

Another nice paper bag coming from Iryna Barysava. And a very cute frog stamp as a bonus.

Received from Kate Riley

A very nice envelope from Kate Riley for the January exchange.

As usual Kate also included a nice zentangle.

Another FIFTY postmark from Phillip Lerche

Phillip sent me another very nive FIFTY postmark with a bonus card.

FIFTY from Shelby Pizzarro

A very nice sending from Shelby for my FIFTY call. 

Paper bag from Micu

A very nice and very cute contribution from Micu to my paper bag mail art call. I show you also the back because I like the way Micu kept the handles of the bag.

More vintage ads

I made some more envelopes using vintahe ads from René Gruau. The first one is using and ad for Dior and was sent to Micu.

Before I show you the second one I need to tell you a story. Few weeks ago I sent this envelope to my friend Marco. The envelope also pictures an ad for Dior.

Marco told me it made him think of an horror movie and he imagined the guy being slaughtered in his bathroom ! So to show him he was wrong I sent him this one using anothet version of the ad showing that the guy could get out of the bathroom alive !

Paper bag envelope sent to Phillip Lerche

I made this envelope using a paper bag from Nespresso that I thought was rather cool.

Received from Adrienne Mason

A fantastic collage from Adrienne.

Received from Vesna Majer

A very nice envelope sent by Vesna.

Mission Inspiration January 2017 : Hope

A new year begins and here comes a new mission inspiration. For 2017 Mike Deakin has changed a litle bit the format: 8 prompts instead of 10 and a suggestion of colors and words. Here is the January 2017 mission brief.

And here is my page.

Paper bag from Philippe.Charron

I have received my first "formal" contribution to my paper bag mail art call and it comes from Philippe. A grocery bag that advertises the need to eat five vegetables and fruits per day.

Some more fifties

Some more contribution to my FIFTY call.

The first from Marie Fenianos.

The second from Marzia Braglia.

Seny to Fleur Helsingor

Here is an envelope that I sent to Fleur.

A bunch of fifties...

Here are a bunch of contributions I received recently for my FIFTY call.

First one from Diane Bertrand.

Then one from Enerhard Janke.

One from Gingersnaps.

One from Karen Wood.

And still some more to come...

FIFTY: the two last ones from Philippe Charron

My FIFTY call is now closed but I still have a bunch of contributions to share with you. I will do this in the coming days, starting today by the last two contributions from Philippe Charron.
The first one (number 46) is in two parts and is a tribute to the “wrapper” artist Christo.

And here is the last one (number 50).

Interesting to note that on fifty items sent by Philippe, one has been lost (and replaced), one has been send back to him instead of me. The forty-eight others have reached me without issue.

As a bonus here is another nice envelope sent by Philippe for the new year.

Catching up

I have been late answering to some of my recent contacts. To catch up I made a series using a digital kit from Jean Maddocks design from the Bricolage set (this one must be 103 or 104).

November/December Exchange from Phillip Lerche

The envelope from Phillip for the November December exchange just arrived after a big delay it seems. No idea why it took so long to reach me. Anyway it did not get lost, which is good as I love this envelope. It is made from a grocery bag.

The war of the worlds

This may be the last one of the series. At least for some time. This time I selected another one of my favorite sci-fi movies, The war of the worlds. The original one, not the modern remake that I did not like.

Sent to Isabelle Obriot

I was experimenting with some new digital kits and ended with this envelope for Isabelle who likes owls.