Happy New Year! … and a new mail art call

First of all, let me wish you all a very happy new year. I hope 2017 will be smooth and full of joy for all of you and your beloved ones. 

The end of 2016 also marks the end of my FIFTY mail art call, so I’m happy to launch my new one. All details are given below.
Mail art call: let’s recycle our paper bags!

We get more and more paper bags to wrap our purchases, so let’s recycle them! Let’s use a paper bag to create an envelope. Use any technique you want: keep the structure of the bag or deconstruct it, keep it plain or decorate it… Do what you want, the only rule being that the paper of the envelope must come from a paper bag.
No deadline.

Received items will be published on this blog.

Send your creations to:     
Eric Bruth
92 rue Maurice Arnoux
92120 Montrouge

8 commentaires:

  1. Bonjour et meilleurs voeux pour l'année nouvelle.
    On ne se connaît pas encore, ma spécialité c'est le mail-art textile...alors difficile d'utiliser le sac en papier (bien que je loue cet effort de recyclage tout à fait bienvenu)
    Que vous reste t il comme appel encore actif pour 2017 afin que je puisse correspondre avec vous lorsque je reprendrai l'activité en mai 2017 - merci pour la réponse (mon blog : dentellebleue.blogspot.fr)

  2. I *might* have a few paper bags to turn into envelopes....

    1. I'm sure you will find at least one somewhere :-)

  3. Bon on va essayer .
    Bonne Année , joie, paix et la santé .
    A bientôt avec les MA

  4. Oups! j'ai voulue dire avec l'art-postal...

  5. Happy New Year! Hopefully you received my "50" Mail art...sent on the last day of 2016 from the USA! All best wishes for a happy & healthy 2017. Can't wait to get started on the paper bag challenge! :-)

    1. Hello Shelby. Yes I just got your 50 yesterday. I LOVE it. I will publish it soon. Happy new year to you too.

  6. I am so happy it arrived! All the best!