King Kong

May be you thought the “old movies” series was over, but not completely. At least two more envelops to come, including this one picturing King Kong (I used the 1933 movie poster).
King Kong is at the origin of one of my biggest fear when I was young. Not because of the movie itself but because of some related events. In 1976 a remake of the classic King Kong has been made; I was 10 at this time and I went to see the movie with my sister. I loved it. Few days later after this, there was some marketing event on the famous avenue of Paris, les Champs Elysées. The producer had the idea to put a full-scale replica of King Kong, lying on the ground, as if he had just fallen from a building. My parents brought me there to see him, but they had not anticipated the huge crowd that this type of event had brought. And in the middle of the crowd, I dropped my father’s hand, letting me alone in the middle of a huge number of people. I was frightened, not because I had lost my parents, but I thought I was going to die crushed by the crowd, until I felt the strong arms of a policeman catching me vigorously and putting me on platform, right in from of King Kong’s face. It was then easy for my father to find me back. You should have seen the look in the eyes of the policeman! 

Anyway, here is the envelope I sent to Simon.

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  1. This was also one of my favourites movies as a child, along with one of my biggest fears too. I think I even dreamt of King Kong!