More vintage ads

I made some more envelopes using vintahe ads from René Gruau. The first one is using and ad for Dior and was sent to Micu.

Before I show you the second one I need to tell you a story. Few weeks ago I sent this envelope to my friend Marco. The envelope also pictures an ad for Dior.

Marco told me it made him think of an horror movie and he imagined the guy being slaughtered in his bathroom ! So to show him he was wrong I sent him this one using anothet version of the ad showing that the guy could get out of the bathroom alive !

1 commentaire:

  1. Great blog post. I love the top two where they, in addition to being great visually, make me think of there being something inside (a letter, in this case).

    And then Marco's comment leading to a second scene in the story is clever.