Let's go digital

If you follow me regularly, this is not a secrete for you: I create my mail art mainly with computers. This is because I’m not good at drawing, I’m not good at painting and I feel much more comfortable with a mouse in the hand than with a pen, a pencil or a brush.

I must also confess that the reaction that I get from people receiving my digital mail art is somehow mixed. The majority of people like what I send, but there are some who have some reserve because this is “digital” art. For some people, art created with a computer is not “really” art. I never understood why they think this way. Some are less extreme and think that digital art is “easy” art. They have the feeling that the computer does it all. But the computer is a tool like the other and if it is not well used, it does not produce anything good. Some people are annoyed by the fact that, as this is digital art, this can be printed hundreds of times, while you can hardly create twice the same drawing or painting or collage. I cannot disagree on this. This is why I have defined a rule on my side that I never use the same digital file twice.

In the light of this, I decided to create a challenge for me: create a postcard both as a “real” collage and as a “digital one”. And compare the results and the experience. So I started collecting items for my collage and I scanned them. I create my digital collage first and then I did the non-digital one. I already published the digital one in a previous post:

And here is the non-digital one.

Similar but different. The digital one has more elements because I failed cutting the detailed aquatic plant. The non-digital one has a different background because I made a mistake during the collage part: I learned, the hard way, that what you want to have in the background should be glued first! I was less patient while gluing the fishes on the non-digital one so the overall layout is better on the digital one.

But otherwise I like them both! It is true that the non-digital one has something that the digital one will never have: texture!

The process of the non-digital collage took me much longer because I’m not used to it yet. But I’m sure that after some time I would be comfortable with it. And I had fun in both cases, this is what matters the most.

I share part of my mail art on Instagram (@ericbruth is you want to follow me). And I recently decided to use the hashtag #digitalmailart. But then I realized that the majority of the publications with this hashtag are from me. So I decided to launch a challenge to all of you. And this will take the form of another Mail Art call (yes a second mail art call. Just to keep you busy 😊 ) .

The Mail Art Call is: let’s go digital.

The challenge is to create a postcard or an envelope which is made with a computer. Some additional elements may be added, but the main part of the design of the item must be digital.

No deadline. In return you get one from me!

And always the same address:

Eric Bruth

92 rue Maurice Arnoux

92120 Montrouge


So let’s grab your mouse and let’s go digital!

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  1. I have always loved your digital art! Don't stop and I will see if i can do something digital...