Paper bag from Marie

A contribution from a new contact, Marie, who sent me this nice paper bag envelope.

Make it happen, a follow up

I recently sent to more envelopes I made using the “Montage” digital kit from Jen Maddocks design, as part of the series I called “Make it happen”.

Paper bag from Sarah Cavanaugh

As part of InCoWriMo, Sarah sent me this nice paper bag envelope for my call. If you want to know more about InCoWriMo, click here.

Endangered species

My friends from Mail a Smile have launched a mail art call about endangered species.

ere is a contribution I sent. Of course, I used a frog. What did you expect? ;-)

Xmas in March, a new postal misadventure!

Once again I’m very upset by the French post. Phillip sent me a cute Xmas card end of last year, and for any reason it did not reach me and was sent back to him. So Phillip sent it back to me in another envelope and this time I got it.

Here is the first envelope he used. The label from the French post indicates that “despite all the efforts they made (!), they could not distribute this envelope because there is nobody having this name at this address”!!!!! The address is absolutely correct and I live there since, at least, 30 years… I wonder how long they searched before sending it back to Phillip. I mean… how is it possible?

The card that Phillip sent me was very nice. Here is the front. I cannot show you the inside because it is a 3D pop up card, so impossible to scan.

Then Phillip sent it back to me in this black envelope, using the fantastic Oscar de la Rota stamps.

He also used this very nice postcard to tell me the whole story.

The number of letters that do not reach me or that do not reach their destination is increasing over the years. The last year and a half holds the record I think! A very bad trend, which I consider absolutely abnormal when we see the ever-increasing postal rates!

Received from Snappy

Snappy sent me a transparent envelope that contained a tryptic. A collage made in Snappy’s unique style.

Here is the envelope.

Here is the front of the card when folded.

Here is the back.

And click here to see inside (*** warning, contains male nudity ***).

New contribution from Hester Wright

Hester sent me a second contribution to my paper bag mail art call, using bag from a coffee company (I love coffee. I’m not a tea person, I only drink coffee. The paper of the bag is very thin, so Hester stuck it on a piece of cardboard to ensure it is not torn during the transport. As you can see, the paper is so thin that you can see through it.

New contribution from Lisa Preis

A very pretty candy bag! This is what Lisa used to send me a new contribution. I wonder what she did with the candies ?

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

In my old movies series I had forgotten an important movie: Breakfast at Tiffany’s. So I corrected this mistake with an envelope sent to Phillip. This should be the last one of this series (I know, I already said that before…).

Paper bag received from Ursu

Ursu used a grocery bag to send me his contribution to my call. Yes, “fruits are good” as written on the bag!

Paper bag received from Jocelyne Depierre

Jocelyne sent me this nice contribution to my paper bag mail art call, mixing it with my illustrated ABC call. Very colorful, it suits the start of the spring!

Another paper bag sent to Phillip Lerche

For this envelope sent to Phillip, I used the second side of a bag I used for an envelope to Eva, and I added some washi (I love this “spacy” washi tape!) and a personalized stamp I made some years ago for my call “We are not alone”.

Paper bag received from Carroll Davies

A nice contribution from Carroll for my paper bag mail art call.

Paper bag received from Nanou Camut

A very nice contribution from Nanou for my paper bag mail art call. I love the way Nanou kept the handles of the bag. It traveled without issue through the postal system.

Received from Eva Albiol

Another nice contribution from Eva using the paper bag a tea company.

Sent to Christophe Blaise

Using the same bag than the one for the answer to Fabienne, I made an envelope to answer Christophe’s contribution. I also added some embellishment to fit his “teeth” mail art call, mixing rubber stamps, stencils and collage.

Sent to Fabienne Lebaron

As an answer to Fabienne’s contribution I made an envelope from a paper bag. But as the bag did not have any inscription or decoration I decided to add my own embellishment using rubber stamps and collage.

The stamps I used are part of a set from Cheery Pie Art Stamps. I used Ranger Archival Ink (jet black), Versafine ink (Crimson red and Toffee). This is also my first attempt at inking the border of the envelope and of some images, using distress ink from Tim Holtz (Vintage Photo), and I quite like the result.

Received from Phillip Lerche

A nice moon envelope received from Phillip who used the May page of a calendar. You can not see it on the scan but the moons and some part of the text glow in the dark!

Paper bag from Nicole Eippers

Nicole sent me this nice contribution using a paper bag from a museum. “Marais salants” means “Salt evaporating ponds".

Nicole also added a cute frog.

Inside the envelope Nicole included this postcard which is a game where you must find a frog.

The text means: the frog that you must find is just above a dragonfly. On the left of the dragonfly there is a horse. Under the dragonfly there is a tractor. On the right of the tractor there is a swan. On the right of the swan there is a cow. Under the cow there is an eel. Under the eel there is a harrier.

Did you find the right frog?

Sent to Kerosene

In my old movie series, there is one movie that I wanted to use but I did not because I did not get inspired by the poster. This movie is “Jason and the Argonauts”. I loved it when I was a kid. And recently I came across a set of digitalized pages of a vintage comic book illustrating the same story. So I made an envelope using them, and sent it to Kerosene.

Paper bag from Nancy Dickson

Nancy sent me this very nice contribution using a paper from the Sonic Drive-in company. It reminded me so many movies or TV series where you see the waitress bringing the order on roller-skates…

Postcard from Iryna Barysava

A nice postcard from Iryna. If I understood well this is a digital copy of a collage she made.

Sent to Thérèse Waryn

When I saw this cute grandma-cow taking a selfie I could not resist and I decided to use it for an envelope to Thérèse. The French text means: there is no age to start taking selfies.

Another paper bag from Phillip Lerche

I must confess that I like wines. Well not surprising for a French guy, you will say. I like tasting wines from all over the world, I’m not focused only on French wines. So I was very happy when I got this contribution from Phillip, using a wine paper bag. And look at this nice batch of coordinated stamps!

Inside the bag there was this wonderful card with a fascinating white shape.

Mission Inspiration : March 2017

Here is the time for a new mission inspiration from Mike Deakin. First here are the prompts for March:

And here is my page.

Digital mail art from Micu

I’m really excited to share with you the first official contribution I received for my call “let’s go digital”. And it comes from Micu. She is normally not into digital art but she decided to accept my challenge and she created this very nice piece. Thank you so much Micu, I love it.

I also would like to share with you the cute envelope she used to send me her contribution.

Paper bag from Phillip Lerche

I really like the combination of the brown of a paper bag and the red color. As on this paper bag from Phillip, who used part of a bag from Katzinger’s which is a delicatessen in Columbus, Ohio. I think the stamps are a perfect match. The postmark is a bit “heavy” but this is always better than a biro cancellation!

Two new paper bags from Philippe Charron

Philippe had the idea to use the same pharmacy bag than the one I used for Iryna. He also used one red cross stamp on it.

And for the next one Philippe used a bag from a baker. The text in French means: whether you have a lot of friends or you are very “gourmand”.